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New Armada Releases (50)

December 07, 2009
New releases by Sunny Lax, Robert Nickson, Jerome Isma-Ae and more!

Sunny Lax - Aurora
Remember that uplifting trance tune back in 2005? The one with the unforgettable melody, deep, proggy beat and pure feel good sound to it? We're pretty sure you haven't forgotten about Sunny Lax' 'P.U.M.A.' yet. A couple of years and strong releases later, Hungarian producer Levente Márton brings AVA Recordings a new anthem, 'Aurora'.
'Aurora' is a melodic translation of progressive and trance, in perfect harmony. Sunny Lax built a rich sound, warm and full of details to discover. An enthralling track with 'never' as a sell-by date.

  1. Aurora (Original Mix)
  2. Aurora (Soliquid Remix)

Timofey & Bartosz Brenes feat. Jerique - Hear My Call
Belgian producer Bartosz Brenes and Russian producer Timofey show what a multi-national affair of sounds can lead to. Russian, Belgian and Dutch sounds blend on 'Hear My Call', for which the guys teamed up with Dutch singer Jerique. A sensitive, melodic house track with contagious vocals is the outstanding result of their combined skills. More than fit for the Fame label, 'Hear My Call' gets a little electro feel with the Autoslide remix, while the Red Avenue remix strikes down the ambient and R&B side of music. Bartosz and Timofey need not to worry, they'll surely be heard!

  1. Hear My Call (Autoslide remix)
  2. Hear My Call (Club Mix)
  3. Hear My Call (Dub Mix)
  4. Hear My Call (Midnite Sleaze Dub)
  5. Hear My Call (Midnite Sleaze Remix)
  6. Hear My Call (Radio Edit)
  7. Hear My Call (Red Avenue Remix)

Robert Nickson - Maybe Next Time
One by one, the trance producers of today fall for the influences of other styles. Fusions and mixes of progressive and house, forgetting the pureness of unadulterated trance. Behind all fallen ones, there's one man residing and standing up firmly. It's Dutch producer Robert Nickson that has kept the trance sound alive ever since the launch of the A State of Trance label. From ultimate classic and DJ elite favourite 'Spiral' to the latest beats in 'Circles', Robert Nickson lets them breath trance with every single tone.

His tenth release on the A State of Trance label has already been making waves in the trance scene over the past few weeks, as 'Tune of The Week' in Armin's ASOT radioshow. 'Maybe Next Time' has a straight in your face-bass, banging away towards a melodic body with finely strung synths in its break. 'Maybe Next Time' is exactly on time to end the year with a powerful bang.
Remix deliveries were done by American producers Eco and Avenger. Eco, known for his latest vocal track 'What Do You See' and early 2007 trancer 'Paradise Now'. His remix of 'Maybe Next Time' is full of sounds, kicking off with deep progressive while sliding off to big room trance after the break. Avenger on the other hand, stayed a lot closer to its trancy original, shooting off an uplifting, full force trance anthem.

  1. Maybe Next Time (Original Mix)
  2. Maybe Next Time (DJ Eco Remix)
  3. Maybe Next Time (Avenger Remix)

Way Out West - Future Perfect
The crush on Way Out West' first single 'Only Love' has only just started to hit in with full effect, but the next one is already ringing the bell. 'Future Perfect', as the perfect second single of their fourth artist album 'We Love Machine', is a catchy feel-good track with a warm progressive sound.
Delicately sliding off into a profound progressive-house track, the melody unfolds a memorable hook right after the break. Nick Warren and Jody Wisternoff have clearly put their hearts in this one.

  1. Future Perfect (Original Mix)
  2. Future Perfect (Henry Saiz Mix)

Markus Schulz - Do You Dream / The New World (Remixes)
Despite operating in a production capacity under his Dakota alias for much of 2009, many will regard Markus Schulz’s highlight of the year as the release of the first single from his upcoming artist album, and the follow-up to 2008 Transmission theme 'The New World'. The track in question of course, is 'Do You Dream'.

As another Coldharbour Day celebration passed during the summer, Do You Dream caused havoc across the European festival circuit, as well as on the dancefloors of clubs from The Guvernment in Toronto, to the world famous Amnesia in Ibiza. The release saw Markus produce two versions, with the Uplifting Mix proving to be his weapon of choice, and engineered some huge, emotionally-charged reactions from those in attendance at the World Tour recordings in Prague and St. Petersburg.

The momentum in popularity and appeal of the track spread even further in September, as Dutch station Radio 538 awarded it the title of 'Dance Smash', and also bestowed it with the honour of becoming the event theme at the Evolution: Let There Be Light extravaganza in Assen, which Markus headlined along with Tiesto.

However, keen to offer the fans additional interpretations of the track other than himself, Markus set out on the task of recruiting three new remixes for this special package at the end of the year. And he started by approaching one of the top names in trance, Dutch maestro Ferry Corsten.

Earlier this year, Ferry approached Markus with the idea of remixing his own track, 'Brain Box', for the 'Twice in a Blue Moon Remixed' album. And in the spirit of friendship, Markus asked Ferry to return the compliment by remixing 'Do You Dream', and the results were exactly what you would expect – power, energy and emotion, and perfect for those peak time moments in a set.

For the second remix, we stay in The Netherlands but turn the spotlight to an upcoming name, who has built quite a reputation due to his unique style in recent years. Hailing from a family steeped in musical heritage, Wardt van der Harst is earmarked as one of the future starts in trance, particularly his solo Re-Ward moniker. He delivers a wonderful effort here, taking the melody and adding his haunting and brooding sounds which dives the track a new dimension. The remix featured on Markus’ World Tour appearance at Godskitchen’s Birthday celebrations in Birmingham, which aired in October.

Last but not least, the east and west coasts of the United States are united, as Miami’s Tim Grube and Los Angeles native Mike Hovsepian combine efforts for their biggest remix to date. Building on their debut as a group when they remixed Michael Calderone & Christopher Reddick’s Toronto ’09 pleaser 'Sound of Flight', they produce a tempo-driven bassline with a break sure to get hands in the air.

However, the package does not end there. As an additional bonus, we turn the clocks back one year to relieve one of the finest moments in Markus’ career, where he created the event theme for the wonderful Transmission event in Prague. Today, The New World continues to be one of the most requested tracks in Markus’ livesets, and this trend is set to continue as Italy’s Giuseppe Ottaviani offers a high-octane and uplifting masterpiece that only he is capable of.

With the 2009 edition of Transmission recently passed, an event which Markus headlined this year again, it is only appropriate that The New World finds itself accompanied with this fine selection of remixes of his 2009 signature, 'Do You Dream', which guarantees to be prevalent on dancefloors throughout the holiday season and well into 2010.
1. Do You Dream (Ferry Corsten Remix)
2. Do You Dream (Grube & Hovsepian Remix)
3. Do You Dream (Re-Ward Remix)
4. The New World (Guiseppe Ottaviani Remix)

Espen Gulbrandsen vs DJ Julian Vincent ft. Maria Nayler - Perfect Sky
Progressive and trance go hand in hand like two lovers in a perfect love story. Add a pair of stunning vocals and you've got yourself an everlasting relationship. 'Perfect Sky' is the musical love affair of Norwegian producer Espen Gullbrandsen, Dutch producer Julian Vincent and UK vocalist Maria Nayler. A powerful team-up with an outcome just the same.

'Perfect Sky' is the sensitive, deep trancer that completely lures you in, combining the proggy down-tempo sounds with an uplifting trance approach. The track was already causing quite a stir in Ibiza in the summer of 2009, as no one less than Armin van Buuren featured this one in his live-recording in club Amnesia for the fourth Chapter of his Universal Religion series.
The release of this S107 track also means the return of Canadian producer Max Graham. The Re*Brand label owner has been away for a while, but is back at it with full throttle. His remix is a clearer, less dreamy but melodic proghouser, more than fit for the dancefloor.

  1. Perfect Sky (Original Mix)
  2. Perfect Sky (Max Graham Remix)
  3. Perfect Sky (Hodel Remix)

Jerome Isma-ae - Hold That Sucker Down
It's been almost 15 years ago that German producer/DJ Jerome Isma-Ae saw his first release. Influenced by the techno and house of that time and shaped up by the new wave of warm progressive sounds in the past 5 years, he established himself as an open-minded, unrestricted DJ and sound-creator. With gigs all around the world and his 'Monkey Square', 'Smile When You Kill Me', 'White Lobster' and many other killer tunes supported by the DJ elite, Jerome had a good warm up for this release.
Based on the early 90's hit by O.T. Quartet, Isma-Ae hands in an intense remake of pure progressive delight. 'Hold That Sucker Down' is a fierce weapon on the dancefloor, peak-time and building tension from the very first beat. Rumbling beats, deep but infectious melodies and heavy distortion make this new Jerome Isma-Ae an absolute crowd-pleaser.
1. Hold That Sucker Down (Original Mix)

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