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New Armada Releases (48)

November 24, 2009
New tracks by Supersub, Julian Vincent feat. Cathy Burton, Jonathan Martin and more!

Jonathan Martin - Insidious
He had his first DJ gig at the age of 7 and released his first track at 13. Now, in 2009 aged 15 it's his 'Insidious' that sees a release on the AVA Recordings label. We're talking about Jonathan Martin here. This remarkably young American talent has been involved with dance music since the early age of 6, so it's no wonder he knows how to handle the beats. With a melodic instinct and the groove flowing through his veins, Jonathan's ready to show the world what he's capable off.
Just as special as its creator, is 'Insidious'. This harmonious progressive trancer shows Jonathan's ability to produce an anthem for pure dancefloor bliss. Crystal clear sparks, silvery strings, warm melodic spins and a first-class beat define this strong AVA release.
On the other side of the pool, we find UK producer Ashley Wallbridge on the remix-duties. Distinctively his, the sound of his remix is original and blends some peppered trance with salty prog-house for a delicious and melodic serve.

  1. Insidious (Original Mix)
  2. Insidious (Ashley Wallbridge Remix)

Julian Vincent feat. Cathy Burton - Here For Me
Julian Vincent is definitely here to stay. The Dutch producer/DJ that shocked the world with the stunningly beautiful 'Certainty' and 'No End', does a hattrick with 'Here For Me'.
Featuring the lovely voice of UK vocalist Cathy Burton, 'Here For Me' outshines all else trancy with a dreamy and soothing yet activating uplifting sound. The Mark Otten Extended Mix contains a masterly piece of piano play, tricky vocals effects and a delightful proggy drift after the break. 'Here For Me' was already featured on Armin van Buuren's 'Universal Religion Chapter 4' album, which topped the iTunes charts in more than ten countries.
If someone knows how to handle this type of trance, it's got to be Robert Nickson. The Dutch producer, with more than 10 releases on the A State of Trance label to back him up, remixed 'Here For Me' to a clean cut, full force trancer, fit for any dancefloor.

  1. Here For Me (Mark Otten Extended Mix)
  2. Here For Me (Mark Otten Re-Dub)
  3. Here For Me (Robert Nickson Remix)

Crayons & Peder G - There You Go
The 101st release of the Electronic Elements label is one that won't be leaving your player anytime soon. Looking for something soothing, electric and smooth? Well 'There You Go'! This track is soothing in its progressive wave, electric in its rich sounds and smooth as butter with its hypnotic and playful melody. A little hint towards the 80's synth music makes this one hell of a cracker on the dancefloor!

Crayons' remix builds a bit more tension, with a heavier break and slicker build-up.

  1. There You Go (Original Mix)
  2. There You Go (Crayons Remix)

Eddie Williams - Absolutely
Who would have thought there's absolutely much more to Sean Tyas than the big room trance he produces under his real name? We sure did. After his 'Gestation' back in 2008, it's time to close the year with another Pilot 6 worthy release under his Eddie Williams moniker. And what a conclusion to 2009! 'Absolutely' is a tricky, frisky and absolutely eminent track, straight from the Tyas headquarter in Switzerland. Little clicks and phat bass whirl around in a progressive kick in the head-track, that comes in a trancy, club-minded original and more easy-going prog Mix.

  1. Absolutely (Original Mix)
  2. Absolutely (Prog Mix)

Lentos - Forget About Us
The 'Pyjamaparty' gang knocks down the speakers with a new production under a different name. Austrian producers David Barnes and Daniel Heatcliff use the Lentos moniker for their memorable 'Forget About Us'. The guys joined forces in early 2007 and impressed thousands of Coldharbour fans with their appearance on Markus Schulz' 'Toronto 09' album. After their remix for Dakota's 'Johhny The Fox', they now show their production skills on a single release.

'Forget About Us', is a unique melodic spin of delightful progressive, minimalistic techno-beats and unadulterated trance. Contagious in its sound, 'Forget About Us' is anything but the meaning of its title. Barnes & Heatcliff put themselves on the map with a noteworthy track that won't leave your mind anytime soon.

While the original mainly focuses on depth, the Barnes & Heatcliff remix of 'Forget About US' is much more bigroom, with a playful phat bass and a strong build-up.

  1. Forget About Us (Original Mix)
  2. Forget About Us (Barnes & Heatcliff Remix)

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