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New Armada Releases (46)

November 11, 2009
New tracks by Sean Tyas, Ashley Wallbridge, Dash Berlin and Supersub!

Ashley Wallbridge

UK producer/DJ Ashley Wallbridge had quite some years of practice for the great success. And now that he's has a taste of it, he's only more and more determined to continue down this path. Shortly after hitting in with 'Masquerade' and the incredible collaboration 'Faces' with Andy Moor, Ashley builds his diverse catalogue with 'Shotokan'. This outstanding progressive track with indefinable influences was already featured on Andy Moor's 'Breaking The Silence' compilation, hitting in with a frisky but stirring sound that's totally Wallbridge.

  1. Shotokan (Original Mix)

Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt

Life's good to Dash Berlin. Within only a few years, the name of Dash Berlin didn't only made it to the DJ Mag Top 150 with a 105th position, but also echoed on the brand new Aropa record label and first artist album 'The New Daylight'. Yes, Dash Berlin was given a swift start. For good reason, cause the Dash Berlin sound is a diverse one that's loved by the trance masses.
The latest Dash Berlin single, 'Waiting' is still taking the world by storm, and has now received a few very special remixes. First off, there's Dutch producer Sander van Dien, residing under the First State moniker, who delivers a refined approach to the already stunning original. With deep drums and filmy vocal effects, Sander delivers a remix that knows how to capture the senses on both club and home sound systems. The classical touch in the dramatic break tingles any trance fans' fancy, as well as the phat outwork afterwards.
Swiss trance master Sean Tyas took the track to a higher level, peaking all the way onto the misty mountains of trance land. Peak-time, energetic, melodic, surprising and hitting in right where it's supposed to be. Sean always deliveres!
Last but not least, the much-requested Dash Berlin 4AM remix, with a darker and techy side to this sugar sweet trance ballad, completes the package

  1. Waiting (Dash Berling 4AM Mix)
  2. Waiting (First State Remix)
  3. Waiting (Sean Tyas Remix)
  4. Waiting (Sean Tyas Dub Mix)

Summer Showdown / Catchy & Patchy

They're groove-providing, house-jacking and bring the fresh sounds like a pizza delivery guy who's just had his first tip. Be prepared, Supersub is back!
Dutchies Freek Geuze and Johan Vermeulen can look back onto an eventful year, working under the Fine Taste and Smartminds guise, feeding the club-systems with a warm, progressive house sound . But 'Shiny Bullets' and 'So Sexy', back in 2007, was a hard hit and so the challenge to produce a worthy follow-up appealed the guys more and more. Well, here it is. A spanking new Supersub EP, on the Pilot 6 imprint.
Following a matured sound, the guys hit in with 'Summer Showdown' and 'Catchy & Patchy'. While 'Summer Showdown' feeds itself with phat bass and a soft touch to the warm melody, 'Catchy & Patchy' is clearly inspired by the playful and minimalistic tech-house sound of today's scene. Progressive, deep and completely Supersub.

  1. Summer Showdown
  2. Catchy & Patchy

Sean Tyas
Ivy / Tingle

The in Switzerland residing New York king of trance, Sean Tyas, is back with another A State of Trance release. It's been a mere 2 years since Sean's 'One More Night Out' swept the dancefloor with its unique piano sensitivity and beat-banging balance. Not that Sean hasn't been keeping himself busy over those 24 months, cause besides a few heavy-weight remixes for the likes of Push and Armin van Buuren, he's also been feeding the crowd with some special collabs.
For this A State of Trance release, he's back on his own though. 'Ivy' and 'Tingle' is the trancy duo set to work the Tyas magic once more. Sean:" It's pure trance. 'Ivy' has a very cute throwback to old-school Gouryella feel with what I call a 'make-out' breakdown, and 'Tingle', a slightly different style of melody, is based more on a repeating melody that has the main changes occur under it. I really hope people enjoy dancing to them!" We're pretty sure they will, Sean.

  1. Ivy
  2. Tingle
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