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October 27, 2009
2009 marks a new beginning to Dutch producer Ram Boon. After many successful years as part of the hard-trance duo Bas & RAM, he calls it a day and takes a different route.


2009 marks a new beginning to Dutch producer Ram Boon. After many successful years as part of the hard-trance duo Bas & RAM, he calls it a day and takes a different route. Though the solo-road may seem like a lonely one, RAM received plenty of support and positive feedback to keep going.

One of his first solo-releases is inspired by the lovely capital of Holland. We all love Amsterdam, and we're pretty sure this trancy translation of it will also end up in the list of favourites. Released in the same week the Amsterdam Dance Event hits in, Ram couldn't have made a better start to his just unfolding new life-path. 'RAMsterdam' has the exact right amount of energy, blasting away with a strong big room sound, right before it hits in with one of the best breaks a trance tracks has ever had. Kissed by piano and carried by soothing synths, the break will take you on a mind-shivering trip down the beautiful Amsterdam canals. But if there's one thing the Amsterdam people know all about, it's partying. And so, the vivid nightlife of Amsterdam crawls into this production with the energetic, bass driven part right after the break. RAM caught the magic of this lovely city and served it on a true trance anthem plate.

Credits for the success of this tune also go out to Dutch producer Jorn van Deynhoven, who shook 'RAMsterdam' to a mind-blowing trance highlight, uplifting and unforgettable. His remix already put the Ibiza crowd into a frenzy, when Armin van Buuren recorded his 'Universal Religion Chapter 4' down Club Amnesia and threw this tune in. Whether you prefer uplifting or dark, this pack of 'RAMsterdam' has it all! .

  1. RAMsterdam (Original Mix)
  2. RAMsterdam (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)

Da Others & Andrea Saenz
Spaghetti With Bumblebees

Armando Velasquez and Andrea Saenz always try to be different. Small coincidence they're residing under the Da'Others moniker. They flew off with 'Flight 778' halfway 2008, to land themselves with 'Viva La Vida' a few months later. With their characteristic mix of house, electro and minimalistic techno, they've been making name like no other.

'Spaghetti With Bumblebees' is about to do the same. Divided into 2 Parts, where Part 1 is a feel-good houser that hits in deep and Part 2 is a calmer, more progressive track, 'Spaghetti With Bumblebees' sounds exactly like the names tells you. A bit different!

A very melodic remix by Dinamyk and sturdy, big room remix by Sebastian Reza complete the package.

  1. Spaghetti With Bumblebees (Part I)
  2. Spaghetti With Bumblebees (Part II)
  3. Spaghetti With Bumblebees (Dinamyk Remix)
  4. Spaghetti With Bumblebees (Sebastian Reza Mix)

Mr. Pit
Unchanged / Deluxe / Besides Words

The name Adrian Ivan has been lingering around the progressive and trance scene since early 2008, when his 'Shana' hit the global dance floors through the Coldharbour label. Lucky, Adrian kept supplying the label with more of his deep progressive, melodic trance and sturdy techno influences. After 'Back For More', 'More Manners Please' and 'The Cube', the Romanian producers calls in his Mr. Pit moniker to deliver a fresh triptych.

This time, it's the upfront dancefloor moving sound that shook his studio. 'Beside Words' is trancier than his previous work, hitting in with a mesmerizing vocal effect and delicate synths. 'Unchanged', on the other hand, is a playful, tough club track with an original phat bass and inflammable melody. As the ultimate cool down to this steamy hot Coldharbour triptych, Mr. Pit brings 'Deluxe'. Rich in sound and details, trancy and deep.

  1. Unchanged
  2. Deluxe
  3. Besides Words

DJ Eco feat. Simon Latham
What Do You See

The deep sounds coming from the underground flow of the New York daily life are an inspiration to Marcello Pacheco. Revealing his productions under the DJ Eco moniker has seen him release more than 10 originals within less than 2 years. 'Paradise Now' and 'Garden State' might ring a bell.
But the beat goes on, with a new release on the S107 label.

'What Do You See' is a team up with Icelandic singer Simon Latham. Progressive trance, combined with an inspiring pair of vocals by Simon, make up for a warm, spine-tingling wave of sound waves. DJ Eco has landed!

  1. What Do You See (Original Mix)
  2. What Do You See (Ashley Wallbridge Remix)
  3. What Do You See (Ashley Wallbridge Dub Remix).
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