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October 20, 2009
Country-neighbors and fellow producers Mike Dierickx and Clèment Gaillard joined forces in the studio, to collide their sounds.

Push vs Klems
Tomorrow Is Another Day

Country-neighbors and fellow producers Mike Dierickx and Clèment Gaillard joined forces in the studio, to collide their sounds. Clèment, residing under the Klems moniker, is not new to the Club Elite sound. His 'Gated Sky', '5 Steps Ahead' and 'The Cube', progressive with a strong bite, were more than welcome to the strong imprint. It's needless to say that Mike, making waves with his Push moniker for more than 10 years already, doesn't need an introduction. He's got an ear for good stuff and an eye for talent that provides it. No wonder he teamed up with Klems, to bring us this solid clubtrack.

'Tomorrow is Another Day' is a melodic-driven, sentient progressive tune. While Push provides the depths, Klems keeps the tempo solid and soothing, toying around with the touching melody without falling into drama. A strong, memorable track for dancefloor sessions that require a sound that drags everyone into it. The Caromax remix is more playful and trancy, with a faster tempo, while the Klems remix sticks to progressive-house with a funky touch in the break.

  1. Tomorrow Is Another Day (Original Mix)
  2. Tomorrow Is Another Day (Klems Edit)
  3. Tomorrow Is Another Day (Caromax Edit)

Timmy & Tommy

The Irish are quickly climbing up the dance charts. If it's not Paul Webster or John O'Callaghan making sure Ireland is visible on the map of dance land, it's producer duo Timmy & Tommy that'll take care of this honorable mission. Best known for their ravishing 'Full Tiltin', which won the Irish Dance Music Award for 'Best Single', and their remix of John O'Callaghan's 'Take It All Away', they're now hitting in with a new masterpiece.

'Ascension', a progressive track with a deep and rousing sound to it, sees its release on the Coldharbour Red label. Right where it belongs.
Where the original remains calm and deep, the Harbour remix follows the uplifting and more swinging road to dancefloor lunacy.

  1. Ascension (Original Mix)
  2. Ascension (Harbour Mix)

John O'Callaghan
John O'Callaghan E.P.

John O'Callaghan's second artist album, 'Never Fade Away', has turned a few heads over the past couple of months. Thousands of feet have danced to his beats and gone into a frenzy by the melodic works of his 'Out Of Nowhere', 'Don't Look Back' and 'Take It All Away'.

The lovely Josie, softening John's tougher trance sound on 'Out Of Nowhere', received a remix by trance heroes Stoneface & Terminal. As is the case with every S&T remix, they deliver a solid remix, full on trance and uplifting. 'Don't Look Back', John's instrumental track, was remixed by no one less than John Askew, holding the key to dancefloor madness with an uplifting, big-room sound. Last but not least, Swedish beat-master Marcus Schössow slows down the BPM, with a relaxing remix of 'Take It All Away', making Audrey Gallagher's dreamy voice stand out even more.

  1. Out Of Nowhere (feat. Josie) (Stoneface & Terminal Vocal Remix)
  2. Don't Look Back (John Askew Remix)
  3. Take It All Away (feat. Audrey Gallagher) (Marcus Schossow Nu Prog Mix)

Roger Shah & Tenishia feat. Lorilee
I'm Not God

We all wish we were at least a little divine. That we could move mountains, part the ocean, and make that one person love us. But Roger Shah, Tenishia and vocalist Lorilee keep both our feet on the ground and deliver us an important message with their new vocal track on Magic Island.

After the first successful team-up of Magic Island owner and Balearic trance master Roger Shah with Maltese hotshots Cyprian Cassar & Joven Grech of Tenishia, 'You're So Cool', the producers team up with Canadian vocalist Lorilee once more. 'I'm Not God' is an intense ballad, hitting the exact right sensitive spot with gentle piano-play, lush strings, Lorilee's strong voice and of course: the beat that guides you through it all.

While Roger Shah's Mix is delicately trancy, Tenishia is of the deeper progressive sort, with a hint of summer and techy dancefloor beats. Whichever style you prefer, you'll find a moving track that lingers on for a long time in both of them.

  1. I'm Not God (Roger Shah Mix)
  2. I'm Not God (Tenishia Remix)

Michael Tsukerman

Born in Poland, but living in Israel since his 7th, Michael Tsukerman discovered a big passion for dance music. After 5 years of practicing, he had his first release at the age of 20. Within a matter of years, his sound started spreading and eventually ended up at Armada as well. His 'Tel Aviv' now received its official follow-up, 'Sivan'.
'Sivan' left quite an impression on Armin van Buuren's 'A State of Trance 2009'album, with a bass-driven prog-trance sound, surprising vocal effects and a piano-kissed break. 'Sivan' fires away right after the break, descending a heath that'll leave the speakers-cables red hot long after the last beat has faded.

  1. Sivan (Original Mix)

Josh Gabriel presents Winter Kills
Deep Down

Describing the career of one of the major innovators of today's dance scene can't be condensed into one page. Josh Gabriel lives, breathes and loves music and it has been at it for 25 years. He has spent a quarter of a century studying and discovering the different sides of music and its technology, digging deep into the core of music making. Well prepared and trained, Josh Gabriel rose to international fame as part of the Gabriel & Dresden duo, winning seven industry awards for production, songwriting and dj'ing, as well as achieving numerous sky-high chart-positions. Magical productions, unforgettable collaborations and number one remixes were part of Gabriel's daily life. In 2008, it was time to let the individual soul run free, and start a solo career.

First highlight on Gabriel's new path to success, was the founding of his own label, Different Pieces. Another significant milestone was the release of his solo album 'Eight', which also includes his 'Tone Program EP', a rousing tech-house track that marked a new chapter in his career. Josh has been enjoying his unrestricted freedom of styles, and shows to be more than comfortable in this roll with a new project: Winter Kills.

Teaming up with singer Meredith Call, he once again shows what he's made of on 'Deep Down'. A myriad of deep bass and a maze of intricate melodic spins, make 'Deep Down' a well-thought-out gem of a track. Meredith's vocals and cleverly constructed lyrics take some time to get to know, and put a spell on any music lover's ears and mind. 'Deep Down' added an extra emotional tone to Armin van Buuren's A State of Trance 2009 compilation, featured on the first CD. 'Deep Down' is another groundbreaking production to be added to the Josh Gabriel realm of music.
To be sure diversity remains an option, the release of 'Deep Down' comes with three remixes. First off, Josh Gabriel reviews and reworks his own gem to another one. His remix has been customized to a dancefloor wrecking, techy progressive track with wacky house effects. Different Pieces artist Francis Preve followed the original to a groovy, stripped-down house track. Playful, atmospheric and danceable. To complete it, Josh invited German remix-virtuoso Alex M.O.R.P.H. His remix highlights the trancy feel of 'Deep Down', with an uplifting and up-tempo remix that'll please any trance fan.

  1. Deep Down (Original Mix)
  2. Deep Down (Josh Gabriel Remix)
  3. Deep Down (Francis Preve Remix)
  4. Deep Down (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
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