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September 22, 2009
It's 9 years and a generation trance lovers later, but the Gaia moniker of Armin van Buuren was never one to easily be forgotten.


It's 9 years and a generation trance lovers later, but the Gaia moniker of Armin van Buuren was never one to easily be forgotten. Complementary to the meaning of 'Gaia', mother earth in Greek mythology, Armin came up with '4 Elements' in 2000. Earth, water, sky and fire were represented in this legendary trance track, which grew out to a true classic and therefore an essential piece of music in trance's history.
Sometimes a follow-up to a classic lets you down. But not in this case. A future classics lies in the hands of Armin van Buuren with 'Tuvan'. With mysterious vocal effects, a ground-shaking beat and little techy-effects, this floor filler has a timeless sound. 'Tuvan' has been shattering across the global dancefloors ever since it appeared on Armin's 'A State Of Trance 2009' album. And it'll surely do for generations to come.

  1. Tuvan (Original Mix)
  2. Tuvan (Gareth Emery Remix)
  3. Tuvan (Andy Blueman Remix)

Lange & Andy Moor
Stadium Four

If it were to be called a match, it'd surely be a home-match to Andy Moor. But 'Stadium Four', out on his Ava Recordings label, is no test of his skills. Nor of Lange's. It's a gathering of their ideas on how a good trance record should sound like and a reflection on how to build it. Both men have had their own successes, from owning their record labels to scoring massive hits and landing themselves in the DJ Mag Top 100. There may be a world in between them, while being on one of their many gigs, but there will always be this one thing that makes them return to the studio to team up : their love for music.
Trance in particular. Andy, known for his 'Halcyon', 'YearZero', 'Faces' and various other top notch productions, co-productions and remixes, has the same trancy line running through his sound as Lange, who scored with dance floor movers such as 'Songless', 'Angel Falls' and 'Out Of The Sky'. Joined forces, they now combine their sounds onto 'Stadium Four'. A solid, versatile trance track that has the strong melodic feel of Lange's tracks and magical break-down that is often found in Andy's productions. A mysterious touch-up, with soft vocals and delicate effects, shapes 'Stadium Four' to an outstanding productions by two guys that have once again shown what they're made of.

  1. Stadium Four (Original Mix)
  2. Stadium Four (Lost Stories Remix)

Deep Inside

Techno beckons upon the Dutchman behind 'Destination 6', 'Byte Me' and 'Opus Sectum'. It's coming from inside, and is waiting to come out. The first signs have already been showing, but the Vocal Tech Mix of Mark Sixma's new record wouldn't do wrong at any techno party. True, it's a mixture of electric guitar tricks, pumping beats and a trancy break. And that's exactly what makes Mark's tracks stand out. 'Deep Inside' is living up to those same rules, with the Dub scorching through a well-layered progressive side of Mark's well-known sound. Whether you like it easygoing or high-flowing, Mark's got you covered with this one.

  1. Deep Inside (After Dark Dub)
  2. Deep Inside (Vocal Tech Mix)

Second Left
London To Paris / Mr. Tickles

Some producers just can't seem to stop that flow of inspiration. And though quality beats quantity, there's no need to worry on that in the case of Ben Preston. In a short few months he's released more than 8 tracks. Home to the Electronic Elements label, Ben brought us the cutting edge 'Dusk', 'Drop Pounds', 'Comatose', vocal track 'Escape' and 4 other outstanding melodic house tracks under his Second Left alias.
Continuously on fire, Ben now delivers two new addendums to this impressive list. 'London to Paris' is a bit trippy and spacey, without losing sense on the dancefloor. Melodic, housy and cheerful.
'Mr. Tickles' balances this pack, with a groovier and tougher sound to it. Slightly dramatic, without actually falling into drama, this tracks stands out as a strong addition to any type of DJ's set.

  1. London To Paris
  2. Mr. Tickles

Lens Flare
From The North

At the very edge of summer, Estonian producer Rene Pais lights the upcoming dark months with another Lens Flare production. 'From The North' is the bass-driven sequal to Rene's previous track, 'Back In Resort'. Staying close to his roots, Rene hits the exact right spot with a banging but melodic outline, mood-changing, swinging break and a strong feel for cutting-edge progressive.
Remixes come from the hand of fellow Estonian producer Muute and Dutch collective Vast Vision. While Muute took the long road in his rousing, deep-house interfacing progressive remix, Vast Vision went ahead and sped things up a bit with their uplifting, guitar-oriented trance remix.

  1. From The North (Original Mix)
  2. From The North (Muute Remix)
  3. From The North (Vast Vision Bangin' Remix)
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