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September 15, 2009
Hungarian producer/DJ's Myon & Shane 54 were hungry for some vocals again. And what else fits their style better than the lush voice of American singer Aruna?

Myon & Shane 54 feat. Aruna

Hungarian producer/DJ's Myon & Shane 54 were hungry for some vocals again. And what else fits their style better than the lush voice of American singer Aruna?
Both heavily involved with dance music, this team-up is one to remember. After 'Waiting Here For You' and 'Falling Backwards' on Aruna's side, plus 'Vampire' and 'All Night Rock & Rock' on Myon & Shane 54, it's their collab 'Helpless' that's set to please the crowds this time.
This deep progressive trancer was already featured on Armin van Buuren's A State of Trance 2009. Mesmerizing melodies and contagious beats mark this beauty of a track. We can't wait for the next team-up of this trio.

  1. Helpless (Monster Mix)
  2. Helpless (Ian Flux & Thomas Blofeld Mix)

Joilly Roger

It's been going round in the clubs for weeks already. It's this mysterious, contagious track that gets everyone into an instant party-mood. Cheerful and a bit nerdy, but with a phat bass and sturdy strings. Whether you like it or not, Mike Foyle once again shows how he's capable of fitting multiple styles into a single track. Under the Jolly Roger alias, this trance favourite shows a jazzy, proggy and unserious side we hadn't seen, or heard, before. 'Skankin' will get every party going, and make them jump around like a bunch of pirates. A keeper in every type of set - from house to progressive and trancy interlude moments.

  1. Skankin (Original Mix)

Adiva feat. Vicky Fee
How Does It Feel

The name Adiva may not ring a bell, but Mr. Pit surely does. Adrian Ivan, the Romanian producer behind big tracks like 'Shana', 'Back For More' and 'The Cube' is taking a sidestep. Under Adiva, he works together with singer Vicky Fee. 'How Does It Feel' is the harmonic progressive session which belongs nowhere other than with the Coldharbour label.
Hungarian producers Myon & Shane 54 remixed the track to a more mysterious track, with a slight flashback to their 'Vampire' release a few months back. Trance heroes Stoneface & Terminal pumped up the BPM, to make the break in their remix of 'How Does It Feel' stand out even more. Suit yourself, and pick your favourite!

  1. How Does It Feel (Original Vocal Mix)
  2. How Does It Feel (Original Dub Mix)
  3. How Does It Feel (Stoneface & Terminal Vocal Mix)
  4. How Does It Feel (Stoneface & Terminal Dub Mix)
  5. How Does It Feel (Myon & Shane 54 Vocal Mix)
  6. How Does It Feel (Myon & Shane 54 Dub Mix)

DJ Cosmo feat. Ray Wilson
Show Me The Way

DJ Cosmo has been around the dance scene for a few decades already. It were the early '80's that he started dj'ing, and so the small step to producing was made shortly after. Remakes and remixes on the commercial side of music were left the first historic marks on music. 'The Heart Of The Ocean', Cosmo's remake of blockbuster Titanic, entered the charts in mid 90's. A completely different tune was 'Soul To Bare', which was more fit to the dancefloors, played out by the DJ elite.
Heading for the right direction saw Cosmo starting the Purple Mood project, with 'One Night In Tokyo' and the El Cortez 'Desert Rose' collab with Roger Shah. Many tracks followed, and have eventually led to the release of this new one. 'Show Me The Way' features the vocals of no one less than Ray 'Yet Another Day' Wilson, and is pure underground rapture. Trance in perfect shape, with a raw edged rocky touch.

  1. Show Me The Way (Original Mix)
  2. Show Me The Way (Extended Mix)
  3. Show Me The Way (Radio Edit)
  4. Show Me The Way (Acapella)

Mischa Daniels presents
Mischa's Model Mansion Tools Vol. 1

Beauty comes from within. From within the speakers, that is. Forever high on fame, Mischa Daniels presents a new project with a little wink to it. Mischa's Model Mansion Tools gets the high heels movin' and the party groovin', with two highlights of tracks.
'Tea Yes To' sparks away with prog-housy stabs, high-peaks and edgy bells. One that pulls you in with its mesmerizing feel. 'Lost In Strings' may insinuate the same, but is much more of a tear-down-the-place record. A thick, fat bass, playful strings and tiny teasing effects make it stand out above all else.

Double-packed dancefloor madness to party in style - Model Mansion style.

  1. Tea Yes To
  2. Lost In Strings
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