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August 10, 2009
Following on from the incredible success of Transmission theme 'The New World' was never going to be an easy task for Markus Schulz.

Markus Schulz
Do You Dream

Following on from the incredible success of Transmission theme 'The New World' was never going to be an easy task for Markus Schulz. Risen expectations, along with the desire to have a signature big room moment in his festival sets for the summer, prompted Markus to spend some time in the studio, to increment work on a project originally conceived in the city of Shanghai.

Inspired by his tours to Australia, Asia and Europe, Markus presents the next chapter of his remarkable story, entitled 'Do You Dream'.

The original contains everything you would expect in a Markus Schulz production - a deep, moody bassline, weaved in between beautiful melodies and an energetic riff. After debuting the track to the Global DJ Broadcast audience through the World Tour recording from Prague, speculation and excitement mounted that this indeed was the follow-up to The New World. And they were right.

  1. Do You Dream (Original Mix)
  2. Do You Dream (Uplifting Mix)

John O'Callaghan feat. Lo-Fi Sugar
Never Fade Away

As the official title track of John's second artist album, the beautiful 'Never Fade Away' immediately stood out. A tender, delicate type of track that hits the sensitive spot time after time. The number one Irish DJ/Producer wanted his new album to stretch out far beyond the tech-trance style that he's known for. With a chill-out track like 'Never Fade Away' and previous hit singles 'Surreal' and 'Find Yourself' he's shown to be more than capable of doing so.

Featuring the crystal clear, dreamy vocals of American singer Heather Pollock, working under her Lo-Fi Sugar guise, 'Never Fade Away' lets everything else fade to the back, and makes you stop to think for a moment. There's no beat to pump things up in the original. It's the genuine melody, the spine-tingling piano play and Lo-Fi's voice that solely do the work on this beauty.

To make sure 'Never Fades Away' also fits a club-setting, Scottish producer Andy Duguid and Italian producer Guiseppe Ottaviani reworked it to true club anthems. Andy Duguid gave the track a lovely progressive touch, with pure feel good moments. Andy's remix, already featured on Armin's 'A State of Trance 2009' album as the opening-track on the first cd, is in perfect balance of ambient and progressive. Guiseppe Ottaviani, one of the major players in the uplifting trance scene, covered 'Never Fade Away' with a tasty layer of activating peak-time trance. All together, this 'Never Fade Away' package has plenty in stores for any type of setting.

  1. Never Fade Away (Album Mix)
  2. Never Fade Away (Guiseppe Ottaviani Remix)
  3. Never Fade Away (Andy Duguid Remix)

Sin City

The Dakota sound has been spreading like a contagious feel-good virus. Though it may not have seemed an obvious choice to release a full album under a different alias, Markus Schulz proved that his success isn't just carried upon his name. It's the sounds that matter. The Dakota album 'Thoughts Become Things' sure isn't pressed for the good sounds.

Unveiled and highly regarded on Markus Schulz's much acclaimed CD compilation, Toronto '09, 'Sin City' is the third single to be released from the Dakota album, 'Thoughts Become Things'. Sin City has been an almost permanent fixture on Global DJ Broadcast playlists since March, particularly on the World Tour recordings.
'Sin City' is another upfront progressive track with deep impact. Different, yet characteristically Markus.

Following a visit to Miami for Winter Music Conference week, German duo Cosmic Gate approached Markus with the idea of them undertaking the remix, so enamoured they were with the original. The remix rocked dancefloors across the breadth of Asia during Markus' tour in May.

Last but not least, one of the championed names of Coldharbour in the past couple of years, Rex Mundi, steps up and delivers his own unique take on the track, resulting in a huge bassline-driven and epic breakdown that will surely be the talk of Ibiza dancefloors for the remainder of the summer.

  1. Sin City (Original Mix)
  2. Sin City (Cosmic Gate Remix)
  3. Sin City (Rex Mundi Remix)

Simon & shaker as The Sundayprayers
La Noche Del Cometa

They already announced it a few months ago; a new Sundayprayers track was on its way. More than 5 years after their last release under this sacred alias, Spanish house masters Simon & Shaker got back on their knees for some divine inspiration and were praised with a new, flaming hot tech-house track. 'La Noche Del Cometa' hits like a comet. Slowly building power, with minimalistic clicks and a mysterious melodic sample it eventually smashes into a dancefloor ravishing break. Deep, solid and danceable are the three keywords to describe 'La Noche Del Cometa', from the hands of State Recordings founders Simon Garcia and Karim Shaker.

Blessed with the honour to remix this track, we've got Dutch tech-house talent Joeri Jamison. He playfully set the track to a little more spacey, stripped down version of the original, shining a new light upon this already beatific track.

  1. La Noche Del Cometa (Original Mix)
  2. La Noche Del Cometa (Joeri Jamison Remix)

Blade Runner

Swedish producer Andreas Lindell may have been the best kept secret in the European trance scene in the past few years, but we highly doubt he will be for long. Though he's had some impressive releases under his real name and has shown not to be a one tune wonder, it's his Dreastic alias that really impressed the masses. And Armin van Buuren as well. Armin featured Dreastic's new tune 'Blade Runner' on his A State of Trance 2009 album, as one of the highlights of the second cd.

Andreas has caught pure euphoria onto 'Blade Runner'. A strong build-up, refined melody and touching synth make this trancer something far beyond the average.
Since no one better than Dreastic feels the essence of 'Blade Runner,' he provides us with a 'Bangin Mix'. Like its title will tell you, this remix has more impact and bangs away with a powerful, upfront sound.

  1. Bladerunner (Original Mix)
  2. Bladerunner (Bangin' Mix)

Claudia Cazacu
Lekker / Nefertiti

Though often be labeled as a tech-trance producer, it's a flawless trancy sound that tickles lady Cazacu's fancy lately. It's been mere weeks since her collaboration with singer Audrey Gallagher, 'Freefalling' was released, but the track is still chart-scorching and playlisted by the DJ elite. Luckily, she's not quite done dealing with the trancy stuff yet.

As one of the fastest rising names in the trance scene of today, Claudia Cazacu stands her solid ground with strong productions and a big dose of determination. 'Lekker' and 'Neferiti' are her new weapons of choice. She chose the name of one of the most powerful women in history as the title to one of them. What's in a name? Inspired by one of Egypt's ancient queens, 'Neferiti' is the uplifting trance track that'll get any trance fan in a higher state. 'Lekker', Dutch for 'tasty' or 'good', is just as uplifting, but with a more dramatic touch to it. With a strong EP like this, Claudia shows what girl power is all about.

  1. Lekker
  2. Nefertiti
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