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August 03, 2009
Two Tech-house blends with a groovy, minimalistic progressive touch have just landed. Edgeliner's captured the roughness of an industrial techno-track on 'Rebound', without becoming predictable. Instead, he gives you a few monstrous surprises that'll constantly fire things up.

The Edge / Rebound

Two Tech-house blends with a groovy, minimalistic progressive touch have just landed. Edgeliner's captured the roughness of an industrial techno-track on 'Rebound', without becoming predictable. Instead, he gives you a few monstrous surprises that'll constantly fire things up. 'The Edge' sticks to the playful side of things, with joyful yet sturdy clicks and bits. Edgeliner delivers a diverse and outstanding EP on the Pilot 6 imprint.

  1. The Edge
  2. Rebound

Blake Jarrell
Boracay / Manila

American DJ/producer Blake Jarrell has had an excellent 2009 so far. Travelling the world to promote his 'Concentrate 2009' album was a part of daily reality to this youngster. Luckily, he also managed to retire to his studio every once in a while, to take the inspiration he found along the way into his productions.
With a brand new EP on the Electronic Elements label, Blake shows to be more than just open-minded. Though often placed into the prog-trance corner, Blake's production style surely doesn't fit a one word description. Even though he'll always have a weak spot for progressive and trance tracks, it's also the tech-house genre that lures. Thought producing in this type genre isn't new to him, hence his 'Hosoi' and 'Kaupas' releases, he does bring something new to the table. 'Boracay' is a dreamy, progressive track that has a feel-good sound to it. On the other side there's 'Manila', which is the complete opposite of 'Boracay'. A little techy, with crazy little electric effects and a deep, bass-driven tech-house sound. 'Manila' loops and builds up to pure madness. Madness that doesn't even come close to trance. If he hadn't proven to be a multi-styled producer already, he sure does it with this EP.

  1. Boracay
  2. Manila

Mainstage / System Overload

This summer might be too hot to enjoy anything else than sunbathing, checking your tan and play some loungy, down-tempo sounds while you're pretending to be oh-so busy. But that's not what the Dutch boys of the W&W team are about. It's time to shake off that listless, lazy sunstroke of yours and pull yourself up for some energetic summer heat. For anyone in favour of partying, the new EP of Wardt van der Harst and Willem van Hanegem will surely do pleasure.

After 'Mustang', 'Arena', 'The Plan' and their latest collab with Ummet Ozcan on 'Synergy', the W's continue to fill danceland with their energetic productions. Both 'Mainstage' and 'Overload' show off a matured sound of these young talents, and show they haven't put their ears or skills to rest in the meanwhile.

Combining a feverish techno sound with electro and melodic trance, 'Overload' drops down a diverse, definite highlight to any party setting. 'Mainstage' on the other hand, makes fat bass and melodic synths toy around in a big room play of sounds, with the immediate impact that is so distinctively W&W. We guess the temperature will be adding up nicely after these two come out.

  1. Mainstage
  2. System Overload

Tritonal feat. Cristina Soto
Crash Into Reason

The invincible progtrance trio is back and ready to crash into your speakers. Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed, who's musical chemistry is the formula to numerous big shot tracks. 'Walk With Me', 'Piercing Quiet' and 'Daybreak' is only just a small selection of their creative outcome. Together with American vocalist Cristina Soto, who 's sparkling, lush voice always perfectly harmonizes with the progressive, trancy sound, they now bring us 'Crash Into Reason'. Soft progressive and dramatic trance toy around in an emotional blend and make 'Crash Into Reason' the next big track for the summer.

The Russian Moonbeam brothers put 'Crash Into Reason' through their typical, atmospheric and minimal-progressive sounding filter. What's left is an original remix of an already cutting edge track. On the uplifting side of things, New York-based DJ Eco captured a remix that's fit for a great opening set or peak-time hands-in-the-air moment.

  1. Crash Into Reason (Original Mix)
  2. Crash Into Reason (Dub Mix)
  3. Crash Into Reason (Moonbeam Remix)
  4. Crash Into Reason (DJ Eco Remix)

tyDi & Dennis Shephard feat. Marcie

There's just no way around the universal character of dance music. A musical clinch of three nationalities, is what the latest S107 release is about. 'Somehow' is the multinational-affair of Australian producer tyDi, German producer Dennis Sheperd and American vocalist Marcie. Three youngster, that have been enhancing the trance scene with their productions for quite some years already, all in their own ways.

We've got the number one DJ/ number two producer of Australia, 22-year old Tyson Illingworth, who's just released his first artist album. Residing under the tyDi moniker, he's not exactly a stranger to the Armada label. 'Fool', 'Is It Cold' and 'Kopi Susu' will surely ring a bell for any trance or prog fan.

On the other side of the world, we've got 23-year old, German producer Dennis Shafer, known for his work under his Dennis Sheperd alias. Dennis is mentioned as one of the most promising talents in today's prog-trance scene. With several strong release out on different labels, such as 'Prime of Time', 'Black Sun' and 'Infinity', he's in the running to stage the next big EDM breakout.

American singer/songwriter Marcie completes this team-up. She's been working herself up in the dance scene by collaborating with several producers. The mind-haunting 'I Come Running' with D:Folt and tender 'Broken Wings' with Danilo Ercole are some of her latest soul-sounds.

All together, this trio gives us a blend of sweetening vocals, contagious progressive tips, melodic drums and a dance floor maddening beat. 'Somehow' crawls deep within and lingers inside your mind long after it stopped playing.

  1. Somehow (Original Mix)
  2. Somehow (Sebastian Brandt Remix)
  3. Somehow (Sebastian Brandt Dub Remix)
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