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July 27, 2009
Right after the release of his 'Best of' album, Nick Bracegirdle comes up with another future classic. After 13 years of hits like 'Offshore', 'Saltwater', 'Don't Give Up' and the 2009 mash-up 'Bruised Water', Nick braces himself for another busy summer full of airplay.


Right after the release of his 'Best of' album, Nick Bracegirdle comes up with another future classic. After 13 years of hits like 'Offshore', 'Saltwater', 'Don't Give Up' and the 2009 mash-up 'Bruised Water', Nick braces himself for another busy summer full of airplay. With the Chicane sound written all over it, and perfectly fitting the dance sound of today, he kicks off summer with 'Poppiholla'.
Built around the genuine atmosphere of Sigur Ros' 'Hoppapolla', a catchy piano-hook takes over, with a warm, sunny progressive sound to back it all up. 'Poppiholla' is Chicane at his best, and is set to be one of the biggest tracks of the summer. Whether it's played during the day at beach parties and festivals, or at night at club sessions, 'Poppiholla' won't leave the speakers anytime soon.
To make it even more fit for a steamy club set, Nick used his Disco Citizens alias to remix 'Poppiholla' to a housy, upfront track. On the dirtier side, with a deeper and more playful sound there's the Freakazoid remix by German producers Mathias Hatting & Andrè Winter. Last but not least, Steve Helstrip dipped 'Poppiholla' into a trancy Thrillseekers savour, speeding things up without rushing through.
With 'Poppiholla' already being supported by the major DJ's out there, from Armin van Buuren to Andy Moor and Public Domain to Ferry Corsten, the official starting signal for summer has been given.

  1. Poppiholla (Radio Edit)
  2. Poppiholla (Club Mix)
  3. Poppiholla (Disco Citizens Remix)
  4. Poppiholla (Freakazoid Remix)
  5. Poppiholla (Thrillseekers Remix)

Fabio XB & Ronny Play feat. Gabriel Cage
Inside Of You

Three Italian guys can't be wrong. Fabio XB, aka Alex Bartlett teams up with fellow Italian producers Ronnie Play and Gabriel Cage to represent the Italian trance scene. With an electric, playful computer game effect, an oldskool sound is wired up inside a strong, but easygoing trance package.
We're staying close to Italy on the remix-matters as well. Andrea Mazza, known for his previous team up with Fabio on S107 release 'Light To Lies', remixed 'Inside of You' into a lush progressive track with a tender break. Dyor was obviously up for summer, as he took two different trips. His 'Dyor at Illetes Beach remix' stands out with a well-spirited feel, while his 'Dyor at Palma Nova Guitar remix' heads off into the deep, with a slightly dramatic guitar on the break.
German big room masters Cosmic Gate honour their reputation and deliver a massive, exploding trance remix. Starting off with fine drums that head off to an enthralling break and a purely energetic release right after, the German boys have done it again!
'Inside of You' comes in many forms, all worth a listen and fit for the dancefloors.

  1. Inside Of You (Original Mix)
  2. Inside Of You (Cosmic Gate Remix)
  3. Inside Of You (Andrea Mazza Remix)
  4. Inside Of You (Dyor @ Illetes Beach Remix)
  5. Inside Of You (Dyor @ Palma Nova Guitar Remix)

Thomas Bronzwaer
Look Ahead

Over the past 3 years, there's not a lot of trance sets that didn't include one of his track. The 24-year old Dutchie released his very first solo track in 2005. 'Close Horizon' was the suitably called tune that led to worldwide recognition, DJ support and made the path to success seem a whole lot clearer to Thomas Bronzwaer. With fortune and a big dose of talent at his side, his 'Shadow World', 'Constellation' and 'Resound', plus numerous remixes, received a very warm welcome in the trance scene. His distinctive, pure trance sound became a trademark, and while the majority of trance was letting itself be influenced by house and techno, Thomas remained true to his own thing. Doing what he does best, producing trance anthems that hit in right after you press play, he brings us another one of those in summer 2009.
'Look Ahead', right at home at the A State of Trance label, was already featured on Armin's 'A State of Trance 2009' compilation. A typical Bronzwaer track, big room fit and uplifting to the very last second. Having a hard time with his removal from the Netherlands to Los Angeles in the US and due to family circumstances, Thomas translated his feelings into sound, with 'Look Ahead' as the beautiful result. In dedication to his mother and the beloved city of L.A. ('Look Ahead'), this track came to life. We trust 'Look Ahead' won't be leaving the playlists anytime soon.

  1. Look Ahead

Rex Mundi

Dutchman Boy Hagemann started summer with a new weapon to defeat motionless bodies on the dancefloor. After 'Leaving Paradise' and 'Passage In Time' releases, Boy uses 'Scorpion', under the Rex Mundi moniker, to get the bodies moving. A bottomless, profound progressive track with a secretive sense, indulging to the very last beat. Named after one of nature's most fascination creatures, 'Scorpion' sounds exactly as its source of inspiration: strong, mysterious and surprisingly sharp.

  1. Scorpion (Original Mix)

Foyle & Sparx
Chords of Life

Both from Leicester, UK, producers Mike Foyle and Rob Sparx didn't really have to travel far for a collaborative studio session. But that doesn't make the result any less inspiring. Mike Foyle, known for his piano-kissed 'Love Theme Dusk', 'Shipwrecked' and the dark progressive 'Bittersweet Nightshade' teamed up with Rob Sparx, who's relatively new to the trance scene.
Together, they serve us 'Chords of Life', a sensitive, classical-minded tune, reminding of a slow-setting sun in a lazy afternoon. Suitable for warm beach parties, peaktime club moments and closing festival sets. Or just anytime, cause the more you listen, the more 'Chords of Life' grows on you.

  1. Chords Of Life (Original Mix)
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