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New Armada Releases (02)

January 12, 2010
New tracks from M.I.K.E. presents Push, Lens Flare and Embliss!

M.I.K.E. presents Plastic Boy - Chocolate Infusion
We all love a bit of chocolate every now and then. Dark, white or milky, there's plenty of choice. That's exactly what Belgian producer/DJ M.I.K.E. must have thought. The master of disguise and variation thought it was well time to let his Plastic Boy speak his mind again. The techy moniker of Mike Dierickx revives with two new tracks on the Captivating Sound imprint.

'Chocolate Infusion' blends all the right ingredients to create a tasty chocolate milk of dark progressive sounds, playful trancy stabs and high kicks. 'Exposed', on the B-side, rides a more proggy electro house sound, without losing its feel for trance.

  1. Chocolate Infusion
  2. Exposed

Lens Flare - Shutter
Rene Pais, known for his distinctive progressive sound, hits the Ava Recordings label with a delicacy for early 2010.The Estonian producer has been making his way up with productions under the DNS Project guise, but also under his Lens Flare moniker through tracks such as 'From The North' and 'Back In Resort'. Although the same harmony is present in 'Shutter', the track is more club-fit than his previous productions. With a frisky tech-trance break and constant proggy driver, 'Shutter' will get everyone moving in no time.

  1. Shutter (Original Mix)
  2. Shutter (DNS Project Remix)

Embliss - Lemonakia E.P.
A young mastermind called Tim Brandwijk, signed his first record deal at the age of 15. After releasing a slew of clubhouse, pop and even hardcore tracks, Tim discovered the beauty of delicate progressive and trance beats and decided to try the magical tones himself. After majoring in Music Technology and Sound Design, Tim found his own unique sound and brought it to the world in the EmBliss package.

A short year after his 'Solstice' release on the Electronic Elements label, he does it again with an inseparable duo EP. 'Lemonakia' is a gentle, easy-going, groovy track for perfect warm-up moments, while 'Beverly Drive' is more housy and gets you hooked with a relaxed, progressive sound.

  1. Lemonakia
  2. Beverly Drive

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