New Armada Releases

June 16, 2009
New Armada Releases.

Robert Nickson

With this 9th track release on the A State of Trance label, it's safe to say that Dutch producer Robert Nickson is one of the Armada's finest in-house producers. From trance classic 'Spiral' to his recent collaboration with Daniel Kandi on 'Rewire', Robert's continuous inspiration has always been there throughout the years.
Sticking to his true, uplifting trance sound, Robert has now brought us 'Circles'. A captivating, melodic track that'll tear down the dance floors, with its classic build-up, effective breakdown and repeated, circling effect. 'Circles' is another high cuisine trancer by Robert Nickson.
The Andy Blueman remix fired things up a bit extra, to make the impact of the stretched out break extra enjoyable! The remix was already featured on Armin van Buuren's 'A State of Trance 2009' compilation.

  1. Circles (Original Mix)
  2. Circles (Andy Blueman Remix)

Lens Flare
Back In Resort

Estonian producer Rene Pais, mostly known under his DNS Project guise, has left an impression along his path to success. 'Frozen Desert' , 'Dehydration', ' Airbourne' and 'Invisible Touch' led the way to 'Back In Resort'. Under the Lens Flare moniker, Rene brings us a more than lovely progressive track. 'Back in Resort' is filled with the best summer guitar, twinkling piano notes and proggy beats. Summer spirit has just been translated to sound.
Riho S gave the summer a little bit of a storm, by turning 'Back in Resort' into a blazing tech-house track with a dark feel to it. The eye of the storm is just as quiet and peaceful as the original though.

  1. Back In Resort (DNS Project Original Mix)
  2. Back In Resort (Riho S Deep Mix)

Rumble Clouds / Belina

The arising tech-house scene was enriched by a young, Slovenian talent: Beltek. Classically trained, and winner of one of Pete Tong's producer contest with track 'Copacabana' a few years back. It didn't take long before fellow Slovenian producer Umek found out about this talent and invited him into the studio. After a series of successful teamed up releases with Umek, it's time for a big solo release for Beltek. 'Rumble Clouds' and 'Belina' show Beltek's ability to produce in multiple genres.
'Belina' has the same sound that can be heard on 'Is It' and 'Longer Trial', but a lot more housy and melodic. Playful, groovy and even a little trancy. 'Rumble Clouds' sounds a lot darker, with a heavy bass and a proggy synth. With this duo-package, Beltek shows he's more than capable of producing a fine pair of tunes by himself!

  1. Rumble Clouds
  2. Belina

Fabio XB and Andrea Mazza
Light To Lies

Italian producers Fabio XB (also known for his productions under Alex Bartlett) and Andrea Mazza team up for a strong vocal track called 'Light to Lies'. A crystal clear pair of vocals, trancy synths and a firm beat define this track, that comes in multiple remixes. Stuck between deep progressive, trance yet filled with housy thunders, Gareth Emery defined the track to an outstanding dance floor destroyer in his remix. Dyor went into the deep with a profound, proggy remix, and Guiseppe Ottaviani pitched things up to turn it into a typical uplifting trance track with his sound all over.
A lovely package of a more than lovely track!

  1. Light To Lies (Bartlett Bros & Andrea Mazza Mix)
  2. Light To Lies (Dyor Alternative Trance Remix)
  3. Light To Lies (Dyor Mix)
  4. Light To Lies (Gareth Emery Mix)
  5. Light To Lies (Giuseppe Ottaviani Mix)
  6. Light To Lies (Giuseppe Ottaviani Dub Mix)
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