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New Armada Realtones available on iTunes!

March 02, 2013
So at least you get to enjoy those incredibly contagious realtones of Armada!

Sick of the same old ringtone? Looking for a unique tune? Then this is your lucky day! Armada Music has some new realtones for your iPhone that won’t only brighten your day, but also brighten each phone call you’ll receive!

Don’t miss out on another beat from your favorite Armada artist, all you have to do is download the latest Realtones. Whether you’re in love with this one track by Emma Hewitt, or go absolutely mad on Paul Oakenfold’s latest, your favorite tune is only one call away!  So make sure your iPhone volume is at its max,  cause these Armada tunes can’t wait to be blasting through!

For more Realtones and how to download, check out the video!

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