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Napith Music presents: Trance Legends Vol.1

April 29, 2010
North-Americans, do you know your classics?

North-Americans, do you know your future classics? About 20 years back, the DJ’s started combining techno, house, disco and new age, till eventually the perfect blend was found: trance music. Some of these early tracks never grow old and some names will never be forgotten. While these sounds will always be haunting the clubs, a new generation of legends has risen. They set forth the legacy of 20 years of mind-blowing, sensational and emotional trance music.

Napith Music now made a selection of tracks by some of the biggest trance producers of today. You’ll find 25 tracks of future legends like Armin van Buuren, Roger Shah, Signum, tyDi, Mike Foyle, Dash Berlin, Way Out West and many more – on ‘Trance Legends Volume 1’. A ride into future classics and today’s dancefloor highlights.

Available for all North-American on iTunes!

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