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Nadia Ali – Rapture music video

January 25, 2011
Check out the music video of Nadia Ali's Rapture

The queen of dance land has a rich history of classics on her account. Even before she started working with the likes of Armin van Buuren,  Tocadisco, Chris Reece and Serge Devant, she became known for the seductive voice behind 'Rapture'. The track has been ruling dancefloors since 2001, enrapturing millions of EDM-lovers. 9 years after its first release, three successful producers honour her majesty with a stunning 2011-fit remix-pack. 'Rapture' will rule the dance floors again and again.

Swedish producer Tim Bergling, also known as Avicii, proves he hasn't only got things down with his own productions, but also gets the crowd to move to his remixes. After claiming the biggest summer hit of 2010, 'Bromance', he's now claiming the dancefloor with his 'New Generation Mix' of 'Rapture'. Contagious, feel-good house mixes with playful trancy stabs, taking the roof off any club.

UK's finest and one of the most requested remixers amongst the trance producers, Gareth Emery, took on the challenge to give 'Rapture' that extra peak time punch. And succeeded. Letting Nadia's vocals ride his own characteristic sound, makes his remix of 'Rapture' a great blend of prog and trance, joining forces in a lush highlight of crowd-seduction.

French producer Tristan Garner took the honour of providing a true prog-house translation of the classic. A deep bass, rhythmic drum-works and spell-binding break make his 'Rapture' remix fit for any type of house set.

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Rapture (Avicii New Generation Extended Mix)
Rapture (Gareth Emery Remix)
Rapture (Tristan Garner Remix)
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