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Mysterious persona AÏKA shocks trance scene with sublime first release on Armada Music: 'Mexico City’

March 01, 2019

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Once every so often, a brilliant artist emerges out of nowhere to shock the industry with a range of top-tier tracks. Today, the Trance scene welcomes its newest sensation, AÏKA, as he drops ‘Mexico City’ as the first of ten new singles to be released across 2019, culminating in a gorgeous album at the end of the year.

Possibly one of Statement! Recordings’ most stand-out releases of the year, AÏKA’s ‘Mexico City’ is the first world-city-themed single of the new Trance star, bearing a title chosen for the massive energy of the Mexico crowd and their unconditional passion. From the iconic melody to the gliding synths and the cinematic staccatos in the breakdown, this cut is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece meant to drive fans wild at every turn, wherever in the world they are.

AÏKA: “AÏKA is all about staying true to your north star, no matter what happens.”

Already the subject of plenty of guess-who campaigns online, AÏKA draws from thirteen years of experience in the dance music industry for a fresh start and new chance to follow his dreams. Less overwhelmed by the full-speed, sometimes uncontrollable trajectory of the industry itself, he aims to rediscover the passion and things that matter the most. AÏKA is all about staying true to yourself and letting that notion guide you in fulfilling your dreams.

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