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Music video: Rock Massive - You Know Why

June 01, 2010
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If you’re looking for some blazing sounds to shake those booties and tremble the floor, the Stoneyboy label will fix you up. Maddening drums, a catchy rhythm, arousing vocals and a cheeky electro-synth to make you lose yourself completely. With ‘You Know Why’, Rock Massive brings you all the right flavours, straight from downtown L.A. on to the global house movement.

Shocking your senses with diversity alike, you’ll find three different remixes of this shockadelic sound-blaster. A warmer, melodic prog-house remix of Brown Sneakerz, electro-distortive driven remix of Ph Electro and last but surely not least, an easygoing but highly energetic remix of Mr. Stoneyboy, StoneBridge, himself. An essential track for all those who want to get any type of party started.

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