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Music video 'BBE - Seven Days And One Week' online!

December 16, 2009
Check the official music video of the remake of this legendary classic

Bruno Sanchioni, Bruno Quartier and Emmanuel Top reside behind the BBE pseudonym since 1996. Despite other small successes, like 'Flash', 'Desire' and 'Deeper Love', it is still the well-known '7 Days And One Week' that'll never be forgotten. A global dancefloor and chart hit, that's been remade and remixed many times. Maybe the original will never be equalled, but the least we can do is give it a try!

'7 Days And One Week' received a 2009 upgrade, in nothing less than 14 remixes. While trance greatnesses Ron Hagen and Pascal Minnaard of Signum Signal made the track extra trancy, Joachim Garraud took his phat bass and made it big room all the way. Other remixes come from the hands of Maria Da Ragnio, Genji Yoshida, Armin Prayd, Jahawi, Tom and Jerry, Orli and Emalkay. Time for a housy flashback in a 2009 package!

The vocal version of this unforgettable classic, with the stunning voice of Dutch singer Zoë Xenia, has been featured on the official music video of 'Seven Days And One Week'.  An airport never looked as lonely as in these shots...

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