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MÖWE & Daniel Nitt - 'Lovers Friends' (Remixes) [OUT NOW]

May 16, 2016

That rare balance… The holy grail one might say. Both lovers and friends. Easy to want, hard to have. Harder to keep. The Bearded Man's had plenty on both sides, and just about every combination in between. Sometimes the friendship was too strong for the relationship, so they had to quit it. Other times, it was pure passion but nothing deeper. When you travel the world as much as he has, these kinds of things just seem to happen. The Bearded Man has met his fair share of spectacular ladies, spanning culture to culture, worldwide. He's seen the beauty in all human beings, but that rare combination of true lovers and friends has always eluded him. Sometimes he's had to suffer the pains of heartbreak, other times he's been on top of the world. Still, it's not really about the result, it's more about the journey there anyways - hurdles and all - isn't it?

Listen or download: MÖWE & Daniel Nitt - Lovers Friends (Remixes)

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