Moussa Clarke interview on 'She Wants Him'

November 10, 2008
On November 10th, The Police is about to receive a whole new approach by no one less than Moussa Clarke.

On November 10th, The Police is about to receive a whole new approach by no one less than Moussa Clarke! He teamed up with Terrafunka and together they remade 'Don't Stand So Close To Me', one of The Police's most beloved tracks. Being the eighties lover he is, Moussa came up with the idea to reform and shape it into 'She Wants Him', a deep but banging trancer that is now released on the Armind label. We stole a few minutes of Moussa's time to ask him about his eighties madness, what the tracks means to him and of course, how he came up with it.

Armada: Were you a big Police fan?Moussa: 'Absolutely! I'm a child of the eighties, and grew up listening to The Police, The The, Peter Tosh, U2 and loads of other artists of that era. 'Zenyatta Mondata' and 'Synchronicity' are absolutely fantastic albums, but I've always had a soft spot for 'Don't stand so close to me '86', which is off the greatest hits albums and was released as a single. I used to listen to it on repeat as a hormonal teenager. '
Armada: How did you come up with the idea to remake it? Moussa: 'I actually originally tried to do it way back in 1994, so it's an idea that's been knocking around for ages, but I never did it justice back then, so I just shelved it. I then thought I would try it again more than a decade later! I started messing around cutting up the original track and adding beats, basslines and those little bendy melodic synth parts. I played it to Terrafunka, who absolutely loved the idea and the vibe, and we decided to collaborate and finish it off together. '
Armada: What does the track represent to you?Moussa: ' mentioned, it's a prime part of my teenage listening years. The original still stands up as fantastic piece of 80's pop moody-ism. And Sting/The Police are one of the biggest and best bands of that generation. I'm really pleased with what we did with it. It's pretty commercial, but we don't let it stray into an absolute cheese-fest, and it seems to appeal to both the trance and melodic prog brigades. Also, I love what Blake Jarrell's done with it- I've been playing his mix in my DJ sets for the last few months and it always rocks the crowd.'
Armada: How do the eighties influence your style nowadays?Moussa: 'I really get off on that maudlin moody-ness, that kind of 'let's paint life in C-minor'-vibe. Happy music has its place, but there's nothing quite like that nostalgic off kilter emotion that a lot of 80's music conjures up. The good stuff anyway.'
Armada: What do you think of being signed to one of Armada's most prestigious labels, Armind?Moussa:' I'm chuffed!!! It's great to join their very illustrious artist roster. I particularly like the fact that everything is so international these days. I'm currently living between Moscow and London, signed to a Dutch label, remixed by an American. Long live the internet!'
Armada: Any more of these biggies coming up?Moussa: 'I'm always working on new tracks, so definitely. Watch this space!'
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