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Mokita serves up another slice of Pop-Dance wonder: 'London'

December 14, 2018

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If there’s anything Mokita’s brilliantly colorful releases on Armada Music have shown, it’s that the Nashville-based sensation is one of the most exciting pop-dance talents of this generation. After turning heads with a variety of esteemed singles – including breakthrough track ‘Monopoly’ and the heartfelt ‘Love Alone’ – he dishes out another great record chock-full of emotion, longing and gorgeous guitar-vocal combos: ‘London’.

Shining bright on a backdrop of lovely acoustic guitar plucks and elevating chord progressions, ‘London’ sees Mokita whip out another song of the highest order. Led by the American multi-instrumentalist musician’s soft vocals that merge perfectly with the dynamic arrangement, this record once again shows the artistic versatility of Mokita and all of the wonder that comes with it.

Born John-Luke Carter, Mokita started playing the piano at the age of six. After adding the guitar to his list of skills later on, he eventually ended up in the world of dance music production. Since, the Nashville-based musician has been making waves with a range of originals and remixes, all serving as a testament to his mastery of the gamut of musical disciplines. Spurred on by the success of ‘Monopoly’ (12M+ streams), ‘When I See you’ (7M+ streams) and ‘Love Alone’ (9M+ streams), he been lining up top-drawer cuts on a consistent basis and ‘London’ is the next one bound to leave a lasting impression.

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