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Mokita follows suit with first release of 2019: 'Kiss & Tell’

March 08, 2019

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Coming out of a successful 2018 that saw him release a range of gorgeous chill-pop masterpieces, Mokita is continuing that streak in 2019 with his first single of the year. Judging by its sheer infectiousness and heartfelt emotion, ‘Kiss & Tell’ is bound to pave the way for more brilliant crossover gems to come from the hand of the Nashville-based producer and singer-songwriter this year.

Solidifying his signature style with this brand-new single, ‘Kiss & Tell’ sees Mokita come up with yet another highly-addictive cut. Ripe with strong vocals, a gripping arrangement and beautiful guitar play, this song speaks to the heart in a way words can't, just like the accompanying music video.

Born John-Luke Carter, Mokita started playing the piano and at the age of six and singing in the choir shortly after. After adding the guitar to his list of skills later on, he eventually ended up in the world of music production; giving him everything he needed to begin crafting his stunning body of work as an artist. Since, the Nashville-based musician has been making waves with a range of originals, as well as remixes, all serving as a testament to his mastery of the gamut of musical disciplines. Spurred on by the success of ‘Monopoly’ (12M+ streams), ‘When I See you’ (9M+ streams) and ‘Love Alone’ (11M+ streams), he’s been lining up top-drawer cuts on a consistent basis and continuous along the same lines in 2019 with ‘Kiss & Tell’.

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