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Maykel Piron awarded for Best Record Label Executive

March 26, 2010

As one of the masterminds behind Armada Music, the ever sparkling Managing Director of our record company has many reasons to smile and just be happy. But making and keeping a record company this successful takes a lot of effort and hard work. With an unaltered passion for music, Maykel Piron has been promoting his Armada Music. To great success.

Armada was awarded for ‘Best Global Record Label’ at the 2008 IDMA’s. That says it all.

This year, the label prolonged this position, with the 2009 IDMA award for ‘Best Global Record Label’! Together with his strong Armada team, Maykel strives to make this award more than just a title – and be the number one record label on the planet indeed!

Maykel:” Thanks to all artists who believed in me from the very beginning of Armada. Special thanks to Armin, Dave and Raymond, and of course the whole Armada team as I could never have won this award without the motivated Armada team in Amsterdam.”

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