Max Graham teams up with Armada Music

March 25, 2008
Armada Music has teamed up with Max Graham to manage both his record label, Re*brand Records, and his original productions.

Armada Music has teamed up with Max Graham to manage both his record label, Rebrand Records, and his original productions. We are pleased to take on these duties so that Max can continue to tour, DJing in clubs around the world, while working on his first artist album. "The label name, 'Rebrand' is a tongue in cheek reference to the constant evolution of the dance music industry and offers fresh and innovative sounds in a scene that continually needs to reinvent itself", says Max who launched the label in 2006.
Max was born in the UK and lived in Spain, NYC and LA before settling in Canada in 1989. Starting out as a hiphop/scratch DJ, Max discovered house music in 1994 and was hooked. His first foray into producing dance music garnered a great deal of attention. Tracks like "Airtight", "Tell You", and "Barnone" made their way into the boxes and onto the CD compilations of some of the biggest names in the business. Paul Oakenfold, for one, paid particular attention to "Airtight" and in 2001 signed it to both his US and UK compilations.
The success of Max's singles led to an invitation to mix the fourth installment of the 'Transport' mix CD series, which changed everything for Max, helping him gain international exposure as a DJ. The interest generated from 'Transport' opened the doors to high-profile clubs and festivals where Max's trademark mixture of textured deep driving sounds, laced with uplifting trancy elements could be heard.
Max proved his ability to produce crossover music with the success of his remake of 'Owner of a Lonely Heart'; the 2005 smash hit on Ministry's Data label that went top 10 in multiple countries. Deep Dish noticed his chart potential and asked Max to remix 'Across the Ocean' for their own Yoshitoshi label. In 2006 they released Max's reworked original production 'Crank', which proved to be one of the hottest tracks in the summer of 2005, having held the number one spot on Beatport.
The first release on Rebrand through Armada will be Max's own EP "Max Graham - Turkish Delight/Carbine", due out in May 2008.In addition, Armada will release Max's new compilation in June and his first artist album release is scheduled for September 2008.
"The Re
brand label and Max Graham are a great addition to our existing label (deals) and artist roster because of Max's unique sound and his vision of electronic music"
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