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Markus Schulz talks about 'Scream 2'

February 13, 2014
We had a quick chat with Markus Schulz about his new album 'Scream 2', his plans for 2014 and more!

Looking back upon 2013, what has been your absolute highlight?
Markus:”I think I can honestly say that I went back to having fun. The New World Punx gigs were rebellious and ground breaking, and my solo sets had a nice balance of melody and fist pumping action. Probably one thing that I will remember 2013 for is my 13 hour solo set at Tomorrowland as well as my afterhours rabbit hole set at Stereo in Montreal. Both those gig left me feeling inspired and motivated to keep pushing the boundaries of the art of DJing.”

When we say Scream…you say?
Markus:”I can't scream any louder. That’s how I have been feeling. I am standing on top of a mountain trying to get everyone to listen. Can you hear me?”

How do you look back upon that album?
Markus:”I am very happy personally with the album. I feel there are still some hidden gems on that album that never got the push that maybe they deserved. 'Deep In The Night' is such an incredible tune, as is 'Until It's Gone' which is Trevor Guthrie's first venture into dance music. I am very proud to be able to say I found him first.”

Why did you decide to go for a sequel, rather than a brand new title for an album?
Markus:”I just feel that the next album has carried on where the last album left off. I still had so many ideas in the same vibe as Scream I so I thought it would be great to make the next album a sequal.”

What can you tell about it so far? Will it be a Scream version 2 – or completely different?
Markus:”It has some classic trance melodies such as 'Remember This' and a few other tracks like 'Destino' and 'Out of The Shadows' that I have been playing in my live sets, as well as vocal monsters like 'Erase You', 'Revolution' and 'Blown Away' that I have put so much of myself into.”

What is the first thought that comes to mind when thinking about the Scream tour?
Markus:”The family feel that we had with the entire crew. We really had such amazing chemistry and bring the fans such a dynamic show was a labor of love.”

Buenos Aires ’13 is the latest edition to your city series. Knowing you, you’re probably already contemplating which city to pick for 2014. How do you decide upon that?
Markus:”It all depends on which city inspires me the most during a year. I love to give credit to the fans by highlighting their scenes.”

Your project with Ferry Corsten – the New World Punx – started to play a big role in your career in 2013. What’s your strategy with this project?
Markus:”Ferry and I are both using this collaborative project as a chance to just get out and have some fun, be rebellious and push the boundaries of what big room melodies and trance is. It's really fun to say that we are not doing traditional trance, but when our fans hear the sets, they can't help but talk about how it has this hedonistic and carefree attitude, that the trance scene used to have before everyone got too serious.”

You guys teamed up to bring back the old school vibe and jam session feeling. Is that ‘the answer’ to what today’s scene is lacking?
Markus:”I think the scene is missing the art of DJing. The 90 min preplanned set that DJs take to every city is tired. I love getting on the decks and just reading the vibe in the room and TAKING THE CROWD ON a ride. That's what the NWP is all about as well, not just having fun and being rebellious, but also being spontaneous and giving kudos to the art of DJing.”

So. 2014! What kinda year will it be to you?
Markus:”I think 2014 will be another year of reinventing the attitude of the music that I play. I have always said I love the melodies in trance and that is what my fans embrace along with me, but the attitude of the genre is what I am pushing to reinvent. Let's have fun and rave.”

Exactly how many unicorns do you intend to slay? ;)
Markus:”at least one per day. Some days 2 or 3.”
Scream 2
Scream 2 will be available February 21st. Pre-order now at iTunes or
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