Markus Schulz presents Toronto '09

February 10, 2009
Mark March 8th in your calendar, for this day Markus Schulz' follow up of Miami '05, Ibiza '06 and Amsterdam '08 will be in stores.

Mark March 8th in your calendar, for this day Markus Schulz' follow up of Miami '05, Ibiza '06 and Amsterdam '08 will be in stores. Markus chose the lovely city of Toronto as the source of inspiration for his new mix compilation: Toronto '09. Toronto '09 is a special selection of deep progressive and warm melodic trance, which represents the characteristic Markus Schulz sound so many love. Time for Armada to have a little chat with Markus and of course: present the official tracklist of Toronto '09!

Armada: Why did you name it after Toronto this time? Does the city mean anything special to you?
Markus: 'Some of my best gigs over the last few years have been in Toronto. The world famous Guvernment complex is incredible and a huge inspiration. It has everything. Intimate knowledgeable fans in a big room setting. I like to have each installment of my cd series be inspired by different things and Toronto inspires a vibe that I am very pleased to share with the world.'

Armada: Your Amsterdam '08 has just been nominated for an IDMA Award. Surely, that must be a great honor?
Markus: 'Yes, it is definitely an honor, but what makes it more special is that this series from different cities around the world is not your typical trance compilation that just compiles all the biggest current hits. It is an intimate snapshot of the producers, songwriters and engineers that I work with that make my sets a reflection of who I am as an artist.'

Armada: Was it hard to make the final tracklist for Toronto '09?
Markus: 'This compilation I worked on since the middle of last year. I asked artists that I feel a connection with to make tracks especially fit. I am very proud because I had a hand in guiding and forging every single track on the compilation. Each track has a special story to it and I am honored to have had these artists all contribute to making the Toronto '09 edition something unique.'

Armada: What should we be prepared for after pressing 'play'?
Markus: 'CD1 opens with an intro dedicated to the Guvernment complex which sits on the corner of Queens Quay & Jarvis in Toronto. The first beat of the chuggy track 'Backfire' I hope sends the message that this journey is going to build over time and not be another instant gratification mix. CD1 is darker, slower and filled with layers of sounds that you will continue to discover with each listen. CD2 opens with a tribute to the Kool Haus which is the big special events room at the Guvernment complex that I have had the privilege of playing at many times. The message here is that this cd is a big room journey with my trademark baselines and euphoric moments.'

Armada: Will there be a release party of some kind?
Markus: 'March 21. The week before Winter Music Conference I will be playing in Toronto. I hope we have it set to go in time for this event. I think it would be great to have the release party at the Guvernment.'

Markus Schulz presents Toronto '09' is set for release March 8th, 2009.


01. Dino - Queensquay And Jarvis
02. Thomas Sagstad - Backfire
03. ClAud9 - Rain (Coldharbour Rework)
04. Karnak vs Dymos - Travail
05. Tritonal feat. Cristina Soto - Crash Into Reason (Moonbeam Remix)
06. Rex Mundi - Scorpion
07. Arnej - Tomorrow Never Comes
08. Tenishia - Everything (Tim Grube Dub Remix)
09. Skytech - Cardboard Box
10. Mr. Pit - The Cube
11. Rex Mundi feat. Susana - Nothing At All
12. Max Gueli - Remember The Silence
13. Adiva feat. Vicky Fee - How Does It Feel
14. Omnia - Stick In Monday

01. Dakota - Koolhaus
02. Umek & Beltek - Is It? (Wippenberg Remix)
03. Dakota - Sin City
04. Rowald Steyn - Hold Control
05. Mike Foyle - Bittersweet Nightshades (Markus Schulz Return to Coldharbour Remix)
06. Mr. Pit - Besides Words
07. Danilo Ercole - Harbour
08. Dance 2 Trance - Power of American Natives (Markus Schulz Return to Coldharbour Remix)
09. Project MC - Bromley Ave
10. Michael Calderone & Christopher Reddick - Sound Of Flight
11. Khaz & Boris M.D. - Eliana
12. Element One - South Haven
13. Barnes & Heatcliff - Pyjamaparty
14. Arnej - Dust In The Wind

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