Markus Schulz #8 in the DJ Mag Top 100

October 29, 2008
Markus Schulz thanks you for voting.

Markus Schulz thanks you for voting!
It seems that 'progression' is becoming the central theme in Markus Schulz' life. Not only did his 'Progression' album, World Tour, 'Armada@Ibiza' compilation and 'Amsterdam '08' album turn out to be a huge successes and his radioshow Global DJ Broadcast growing bigger and bigger, he has now climbed up to a number 8 position in the DJ Mag Top 100!
Markus first entered the DJ Poll in 2004 with a 32th place, and after that growing out to be more popular every year, with a # 21 position in 2005, #19 in 2006, #13 in 2007 and eventually this year entered the top 10 at the well-deserved 8th place!
Markus would like to thank you all for taking the time to vote and for your support over the past years!

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