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Marchi's Flow vs Love feat. Miss Tia - Feel The Love

December 10, 2009
A playful house tune with soulful vocals and loads of feel goodness!

Italian DJ/Producer Christian Marchi resides under the Marchi's Flow to throw in some action down the clubs! Featuring Love and Miss Tia, he presents chart-hit 'Feel The Love', a playful house tune with soulful vocals and loads of feel goodness. We sure hope you feel the love, cause it'll be the tune you'll be singing to for a long time to come.

'Feel The Love' comes with 3 different remixes. The DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark is an uplifting house track, ready to madden the crowd with a strong, tempting club feel to it. The other two mixes are made for chill-time, with the Paul Sander Klaas remix being a lush downtempo track, made to ease your mind, and the Cristian Marchi & Paolo Sandrini Ouverture rework riding on brilliant unplugged piano and guitar works.

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