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Mapa - Dreamers' [OUT NOW]

May 24, 2016

What is laziness, really? On the one hand, it could be argued that laziness is the worst of human traits. We tend to look down on lazy people with a passion, don't we? But how can we square that with the fact that just about every human invention of note was born out of laziness? I mean, it's not like we invent things to make our lives harder, or more inefficient. We always make things easier, to the point where waiting even one second for something to load on our iPhone feels like an eternity. So we're all pretty lazy. It's true, by many traditional definitions, The Bearded Man is a very lazy man. But there's a difference between moving slowly and not moving at all. Despite his sedentary outward appearance in a hammock by the beach, he's definitely moving forward. The Grand Canyon was carved by a lowly river and plenty of time. So too is The Bearded Man crafting his legacy, one lazy day at a time. It might look like he's not doing much, but you never can tell with real dreamers...

Listen or download: Mapa - Dreamers

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