M.I.K.E. - The Perfect Blend giveaway!

June 15, 2006
The Perfect Blend is M.

The Perfect Blend is M.I.K.E. 's new artist album and we're giving you a chance to win a copy of this double CD! Just answer the following question and send your answer to win@armadamusic.com (don't forget your full address or we won't know where to send the cd !)
What was the name of M.I.K.E. 's previous album ?
Good Luck!!
CD11. Lost My Way 2. For Always In My Heart3. Hollow Dream4. Salvation5. Time Is Running Out6. Swoon Feat. Lux Lisbon7. The Perfect Blend8. Innerlife9. Voices From The Inside"10. Believe In Miracles
CD21. Totally Fascinated (Original Mix)2. One Night In N.Y.3. Massive Motion (Original Mix)4. Fuego Caliente (Original Mix)5. Intruder Feat. Armin (M.I.K.E.'S Rework)6. Pound Feat. Armin (Original Mix)7. Strange World (M.I.K.E.'S 2006 Rework)8. Turn Out The Lights And Outro
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