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Lost Frequencies - ‘Are You With Me’ #1 in UK Singles Top 40!

July 05, 2015

Ever since Lost Frequencies emerged from the crammed pool of aspiring Dance music stars, the young Belgian made clear that he is more than capable of producing chart-topping records. ‘Are You With Me’, his first official single, grabbed #1 in the UK singles Top 40 after entering the charts on #2 one week ago, additionally taking #1 in the UK Charts on iTunes.

With the accolades raining down on ‘Are You With Me’ ever since its release in August 2014, the record has been one of the biggest hits in Europe this year, (still) topping various charts all over the continent. The single - released on sub label The Bearded Man, part of Amsterdam based record label Armada Music - marks the first ever UK #1 for Armada Music, made possible by the extensive support of UK partner All Around The World Records.

The success of the single brought Lost Frequencies to the BBC Radio 1 Lounge in London for a live performance of ‘Are You With Me’ [only available in the UK] alongside a beautiful cover of ‘Counting Stars’ by One Republic. Meanwhile, the official music video of ‘Are You With Me’ reeled in over 40 million views on Youtube, and reached certified gold, platinum or double platinum in no less than ten countries, including Belgium, Canada, Germany and The Netherlands. The record was played over 121 million times on streaming service Spotify, received the status of the track with the most Airplay in Europe, and ranked #8 on the Shazam Worldwide Chart.

Currently featured on #43 of that very same Shazam Worldwide Chart is Lost Frequencies’ next big thing: ‘Reality’ feat. Janieck Devy. With the highly anticipated follow-up single taking the number one position in Belgium’s main singles chart and ranking top 3 in several other European countries only one month after its release on The Bearded Man, it seems more than likely that ‘Reality’ will follow in the footsteps of its predecessor. As both tracks have been picked up by a wide array of A-list broadcasting stations all over the world, one thing is for certain; Lost Frequencies has a bright future ahead of him.

Maykel Piron, CEO Armada Music: “I’m so proud that ‘Are You With Me’ turned out to be this successful. It has been amazing working so closely with All Around The World Records for the UK territory, and the #1 in the Singles Top 40 is nothing short of a dream come true. It’s the ultimate prove of our excellent partnership. I couldn’t be happier!”

Matt Cadman, Director AATW: "We are delighted that AATW could play a part in both Lost Frequencies’ and Armada’s deserved success in the UK, and we look forward to this continuing and blossoming with future releases."

Listen to ‘Are You With Me’ on Spotify
Listen to ‘Reality’ on Spotify

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