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Las Vegas '10 previews online!

February 09, 2010
Only a few days to go before Markus reveals the magic of Las Vegas...check the previews on YouTube!

At the start of the new decade, for the next installment of his audio-travelogue, Markus Schulz dedicates the ‘10 edition to a place not only increasingly close to his heart, but one that resonates with hundreds of thousands of clubbers worldwide… Las Vegas.

Only a few days to go before Markus reveals the magic of Las Vegas, with chunky, fresh tracks by upcoming talents like Shogun, Skytech and Ummet Ozcan and 2010-defining productions by names such as Max Graham, Mike Foyle and Arnej. It's all awaiting you in a tight mix of Markus Schulz style, on iTunes the 15th of February. You can also pre-order the album at the Armada Music shop.

To get a taste of the city of sin and its translation into sound, you can check the official previews of each track of 'Las Vegas '10' on the Armada Music YouTube Channel!

Markus: “What happens in Vegas will no longer stay in Vegas…”

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