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Label spotlight: AVA Recordings

June 30, 2010
Take a little voyage of discovery into the AVA Recordings label...

Since the December month of 2008, Andy Moor’s AVA Recordings has been part of the Armada Music household. A welcome guest to our musical family, cause within the years AVA Recordings has grown into being a great source for those in need of fresh and innovative progressive-trance. New talent and renowned producers like Joonas Hahmo, Signalrunners, tyDi, Ashley Wallbridge, Orkidea and of course Andy Moor himself, have all had their sounds released on this much-wanted imprint.

AVA supports new artists and works closely with them to develop and nurture their talent, combined with releasing music from well known artists. After 2 years, label owner Andy Moor, number 18 in the DJ Mag Top 100 and known for his ‘Halcyon’, ‘Air For Life’, ‘So Much More’, ‘Faces’ and ‘She Moves’, still feels right at home at Armada Music.

If the AVA releases tickle your fancy, you’ll surely love the special YouTube page we’ve set up for it. Whether you’re up for a little talent voyage of discovery with the AVA Blue tracks, or the absolute crowd-pleasers of AVA Recordings, the AVA YouTube channel is awaiting you!

On there, you’ll find all tracks and remixes and a special label mix to introduce you to the sound of AVA!

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