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KRONO feat. Belle - 'We Are So Animal' [OUT NOW]

February 02, 2016

You can't hold a whole fraternity responsible for the behavior of a few, sick perverted individuals. At least, that's the theory anyways. You see, bro culture is a funny and mysterious thing. The rules are straightforward, and yet they remain an enigma for those on the outside — it's a foreign language that you either speak or you don't, and if you don't, well, quite frankly, you'll never belong in some circles. This goes way beyond the popular film Animal House. If anything, bro culture has only expanded and grown tremendously since then. The Bearded Man thought he'd give bro life a try one weekend in search of a good time. All around him he saw what appeared to be male human beings, but these were no ordinary human beings… They were yelling, grunting, and generally making a LOT of noise, none of which was in English or any other discernible world tongue. They were clearly pumped up for SOMEthing, but what? He couldn't say. Scoping out the situation from the safety of a pool chair, The Bearded Man asked some of the nearby girls if they fully understood the meaning of the term "bro out". They said they didn't, but they all agreed that everyone could recognize it when they saw it. Moments later, the president of the fraternity came over to The Bearded Man, and spotting someone who clearly didn't belong, he asked: "Are you looking for someone here brah??" A handful of his cronies began to surround TBM. Things were looking pretty bad for our hero, when suddenly, he had a realization. "Wait a minute, who cares about bros? I came here for the ladies." With that, he imitated Dr. Dre and said "F*** frats, you can have 'em back!" And he dropped the mic and walked out with 6 of the finest females around.

Listen or download: KRONO feat. Belle - We Are So Animal

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