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Killing the speakers with Mr. Pit

April 09, 2010
A new, all-destroying EP has found its way out on the Coldharbour label. It may not come as a big surprise that the producer responsible for the damage of ‘This Room Is Not Big Enough’ and ‘Simplicity’ is Adrian Ivan.

A new, all-destroying EP has found its way out on the Coldharbour label. It may not come as a big surprise that the producer responsible for the damage of ‘This Room Is Not Big Enough’ and ‘Simplicity’ is Adrian Ivan. The Romanian DJ built his own way to the top, with a signature sound that scintillates every listeners with a deep, dark ride into melodic big room trance. ‘Shana’, ‘Back For More’, ‘The Cube’ and ‘Unchanged’ spread their wings under the mighty Coldharbour label, tagging Mr. Pit right next to world’s finest producers. Spring has only just started, but it looks like summer has already started for Mr. Pit….

Armada: It’s been a while, Adrian! How are you doing?

Mr. Pit:”I’m very well, thanks for asking. Pretty busy in the studio and with the music in general, but that’s a good thing, it’s what I’ve always dreamed about. “

Armada: It’s been almost 3 years since ‘Back For More’. Do you feel you’ve grown / developed yourself as a producer ever since?

Mr. Pit:”Undoubtedly, my productions have gained a certain outline which I looked for some time. I think my career runs smoothly and  clean at this moment. I always wanted to produce club /dance music with much power, heavy bass lines and breath-taking melodies. Sometimes I really make it, sometimes I don’t! Nevertheless it's very funny to play with sounds and devices in the studio, mostly resulting in interesting new features that encourage the audience to feel good by moving or daydreaming.”

Armada: In the last interview we’ve had, you told us one of your goals was producing your first artist album. How is it shaping up so far?

Mr. Pit:”That’s one of my goals for sure, although I can’t say exactly when the moment to release an album will come. I’m not into rushing things at all, patience is one of my qualities. Releasing music as an album is kind of a story, I think there should be a theme behind it. It is pretty different than an EP or single release, so I must find the moment  to combine the right theme with the right mood to write an album. I’ll  put  all my feelings, my technical and musical knowledge in it  and it’ll be a highlight in my career, no doubt.”

Armada: You also told us you were working on a new track with Vicky Fee. When can we expect to hear this vocal gem?

Mr. Pit:”Well, unfortunately we both quit that track project, as the result was not the one we would expected. For the moment I stopped any collaborations or remix duties focusing on my solo projects, but of course in the future I will be up to continue and to make new collaborations with such great artists.”

Armada: Your new EP has – again – been featured on one of Markus Schulz’ compilations, Las Vegas ’10. That was hardly a surprise anymore, was it?

Mr. Pit:”Of course, even though we are always in touch and talk about my musical works on Coldharbour, I’m aware Markus carefully picks and pay much attention on  the music he uses for his compilations. Even though these tracks were especially written for Las Vegas ’10, that still wasn’t a guarantee that he would pick any of them. So I can say that, yes,  it was a great surprise and of course I’m honored to have original works on such big compilation series.”

Armada: What do we need to know about ‘This Room Is Not Big Enough’ and ‘Simplicity’?

Mr. Pit:”Well, as I said in my previous answer, this EP is a special one being written for Markus Schulz - Las Vegas’10. ‘This Room Is Not Big Enough’ is great for those who want to ‘kill’ some speakers and some dancers. It’s title and vibe induces  ‘head shaking’ behavior and a kind of happy feeling. In addition, ‘Simplicity’ was created as a complementary track with nice melodies, strings and basslines. I think they are both different compositions with different mood targets, but I tried to keep them both still progressive and trancy.”

Armada: How is your DJ career going? Got any exciting gigs coming up?

Mr. Pit: Yes, it’s going great! Recently I joined the Jam DJ Management crew  from the UK, they take care of everything related to  my DJ career and they’re doing a great job. This year I’ve been invited to play at Sunrise Festival, one of the biggest  Summer Trance events in Poland, I’m really  looking forward to this gig!”

Armada: And what about your radio show?

Mr. Pit:”I’d like to say a few things about my new pet project radio show called ‘Universal Selection’. It started January this year and we are honored to have over 30 FM and Internet radio stations as partners at the moment. In the same time, it’s  the first Romanian ‘trance’ radio show FM broadcasted abroad, featuring some of the hottest in electronic dance music.”

Armada: What else is coming up in the life of Mr. Pit?

Mr. Pit:”There are some few more tracks following  on Coldharbour. A new collaboration with Madelin Zero and of course new more stuff in progress under the Mr.Pit moniker!

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