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Kav Verhouzer & Sjaak make fans hit the floor with new, fun and infectious single: 'Stap Voor Stap'

July 13, 2018

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In pretty much every club around the globe, you can easily spot the small groups of people standing at the edge of the dance floor, reluctant to join in on the fun and go crazy to the music. No matter their reasons, today sees the launch of a single that makes even those people hit the floor in an instant. Courtesy of Dutch rising star Kav Verhouzer and national cult hero and influential rapper Sjaak, ‘Stap Voor Stap’ adds a bit of crazy to the world of dance music that none can help but love.

Like a step-by-step guide to making a super-infectious smash hit, Kav Verhouzer & Sjaak’s brand-new single takes listeners on a groovalicious ride. Injected with urban vocals and bouncing bass, 'Stap Voor Stap' is one of those tunes you can dance to at any given time, all night long.

Kav Verhouzer: “In the middle of the journey back home after a gig in Brazil, my manager texted me and asked if I’d like to meet up with Sjaak for a studio session. I was over the moon right away; his album with Sidney Samson was all I listened to back in the day. I immediately sent over a beat and heard back from him 30 minutes later saying he’d loved to collaborate. After a few sessions, we knew we had something amazing on our hands, and we’re certain our record will get people from all over the world dancing non-stop.”

Sjaak: “My management told me about the opportunity to dive into the studio with Kav Verhouzer and I jumped at the chance simply because I felt like doing something different musically. After getting the vibe just right, we started alternating between two of the beats Kav made and this really got me spitting verses a Gatling gun. We really felt the track, and though we didn’t expect it, we’re really glad Armada Music picked it up. Really proud of this one.

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