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JYRA feat. Kye Sones - 'Mama Said' [OUT NOW]

March 08, 2016

The Bearded Man was only about seven years old when he decided to go looking for his father. He asked his mama: "Mama, do you think I'll ever find out where daddy went? I want to find him." Now his mama had told him a thousand times that he should be careful what he wished for, and this was no exception. She said, "Just focus on the life you've been given. Be careful who you love!" Yet still, the little boy was determined to find his father. He grabbed his coonskin cap and set out on his bike into the great unknown. He searched everywhere he could think of: the grocery store, the post office, the post office in the grocery store, etc. Nothing. Then in a moment of inspiration, he decided to head over to the bank. Sure enough, there was his dad. Now our hero hadn't seen his father since at least four or five hours ago. "Hey dad" he said. "Hi son. I'm almost finished, I'll see you back at the house in 45 minutes, ok?" And that was that. Oh wait - did you think that The Bearded Man grew up without a father? Nope, he had a father. Guess there was really no point to this story, was there?

Listen or download: JYRA feat. Kye Sones - Mama Said

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