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July Child - 'When You Call' (Emdeka Remix) [out now]

March 19, 2015

Some of the best things in life occur as 'happy accidents'. The Bearded Man has been fortunate to have stumbled his way into a number of lasting inventions, but one of the most peculiar and unexpected would have to be the result of an impromptu skinny dipping session off the coast of Maputo many years ago (great fish, by the way...).

The scene started as they typically do, with The Bearded Man and a few good friends sipping cocktails and listening to Emdeka's smooth music. One thing led to another, and they found themselves swimming in the ocean before long. We'll never know why, but for whatever reason, a powerful suction occurred, and when the Bearded Man stepped out of the water, his torso was covered with clams.

One of the girls he was with thought that, in addition to looking hilarious, there might be a fashion statement in there somewhere as well. Lo and behold, the clamshell bikini was born. In all honesty, it looked better on him, though.

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