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John Dahlbäck presents refurbished signature sound in brand-new single: 'Find A Home'

January 12, 2018

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Whilst pretty much the entire world was trying to come up with New Year’s resolutions and ways to abide by them without inconveniencing themselves too much, John Dahlbäck indulged in an intricate love affair with his studio, trying to create and perfect his new approach to dance music. And now that the year of 2018 is taking shape, the Swedish DJ and producer finally saw fit to unleash the first of many masterpieces his fans have been anticipating for so long: ‘Find A Home’.

Though the stomping sound as heard in John Dahlbäck’s previous records is still present in the Club Mix, the original ‘Find A Home’ delves into shimmering staccato strings, country-styled vocals and soaring synths instead, resulting in a sound that’s easy on the ear, radio-friendly and able to stand out in today’s electronic music landscape. Judging by its infectiousness, the main version of ‘Find A Home’ shows that the Swede’s new-found sound could go a long way in notching up sought-after playlist spots and maybe even in spearheading a new movement or two in the coming years.

John Dahlbäck: “I’ve been thinking about how to make dance music differently and have been working that angle for a while now. For 2018, I’m even more excited about the music I’m working on and that started with ‘Find A Home’. The song is about the importance of family – loving them, looking out for them – and I think we should all keep that in mind throughout this year, decade and beyond.

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