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Jerome Isma-Ae welcomes 2014!

January 22, 2014
Jerome answers 7 quick questions about his plans for 2014, Jee Productions and upcoming tracks!

Hey Jerome, how are you? Survived the holidays?
Jerome:”I’m very good, thanks, but I didn't really have holidays. I was touring in Sri lanka, India, USA, Argentina and Brazil all within 10 days after Christmas. It was exciting but also very exhausting.”

Any New Years resolutions broken yet? ;)
Jerome:”I don't have any new years resolutions for myself, because I think if you want to change something then do it whenever you’re ready for it instead of waiting for the beginning of a new year.”

First of all, we’d like to welcome you and Jee Productions to Armada Music! Happy you made the big move?
Jerome:”Thank you very much!, yes, I’m very happy with this move and so far things are running already very well. I believe Armada and Jee will have a great long-term relationship together.”

You started the label in 2004, so it’s approaching its 10 year anniversary this year! We believe celebrations are in order?!
Jerome:”F*ck, really? Damn, time is flying, lol. Well, in this case we should defo think about a 10 year anniversary at the end of the year.”

The latest release on the label was that incredible collab with Mark Sixma, ‘Refused’. Always been a fan of Mark’s work? And does this one taste like more?
Jerome:”Mark’s productions are outstanding and top notch. This collab was a great pleasure for me and I’m very happy with the result. Also there is an amazing remix-package with remixes of Dousk and David Gravell coming out in February. Mark and I will definitely work on a follow up of ‘Refused’.”

On the solo side of things – can we expect another Isma-Ae bomb in 2014?
Jerome:”I'm already working on it.”

Last question - where can we catch you play in the next couple of weeks?
Jerome:”Odessa, London, Denver, Seattle, Toronto, San Francisco, Houston, Washington DC……”

Get ‘Refused’ on Beatport!

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