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Jan Blomqvist - 'Remote Control' [OUT NOW]

February 26, 2016

Bundling his melancholic vocals, soul-stirring atmospheres, and spine-chilling arrangements in the paragon of today's music world, Berlin-based live Electronic artist Jan Blomqvist gladdens the hearts of innumerable music lovers with his latest work of art: 'Remote Control'.

Firmly standing its ground in the tempestuous music industry, the full-fledged album is teeming with rhythmic magnificence, entrancing chord progressions, and musical prowess. Ranging from cutting-edge single 'More' feat. Elena Pitoulis to other, no less extraordinary tracks such as 'Stories Over' and 'Empty Floor', every bit of the twelve-part equation is a dash of brilliance that few can rival.

To listen to 'Remote Control' is to experience music as it's meant to be. And we have Jan Blomqvist to thank for that.

Listen or download: Jan Blomqvist - Remote Control

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