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March 04, 2008
Nick K - Nu-VisionsRotterdam based and of Persian roots, Nick K.

Nick K - Nu-Visions
Rotterdam based and of Persian roots, Nick K. is firmly rooted in the Dutch dance scene. Given the fierce competition that's quite an achievement. Especially in such a short amount of time. Rotterdam is known for it's diversity in sound and it's audiences critical ear for delivering the goods from any DJ, regardless of name and fame. So it was quite an accomplishment to emerge that fast as another fine exponent in the local scene. In just a few years he became a resident dj in several high profiled clubs in Holland, played main stage at big festivals like Dance Valley and Extrema to eventually become the international dj he is now.
CD11. Behrouz - Touch 2. OrtzRoka T2 Deep Mix3. Guy J feat Marco Aiello - Been Here Before4.Nick-k - sassy(DJ F.E.X. Remix) 5.Darko Esser - Golddigger 6.Cave Sedem - Skyline Over You 7. Markus Lange - Ruhestörung Plattenbau (oxia remix) 8. Patch Park - Synced9. Vlad Caia - Sound Made us (original mix)10.Sharam Jey - Roxcity (Darko Esser Rmx) 11.Nick-k - Joe Cool 12. Muscat Nuss - Misteek Drive (Robert Babicz remix) 13. DJ Umek & Matthew Hoag - The Santien Race14. Musetta - Peace & Melody (DJ Yellow Intermission Mix)
CD21. Mike Miller- Posh Swag2. Bart van Wissen - Concentrate3.Julian Royal - Powered4.Phatjak - Loaded 5.Dousk - Caribou6.Nick-k - Get Tha Loot 7. dPen - Follow Me (KSTs MAMeniscus Mix)8. Rhythm Code - Get Up9. Kpaxx & Jacek Zamojsky - Hypnotone (Pete Lunn remix) 10. LeRon, Yves Eaux & Luke Star - Purest Form11. Gutterstylz vs. Rolasoul - Lost (Dub Mix)12. LeRon & Yves Eaux - NYC Girl (Andrius Alien & Justin Xara Remix)13.West & Ink - Hello Piano

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