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It's a wrap for the Academy of Electronic Music!

November 19, 2013
We’re happy to announce to you that we’ve now received no less than a 1000 tracks! That’s absolutely mind-blowing! We’d like to thank each and every single one of you for submitting your track, promoting it and casting your vote.

It's been an amazing ride - after weeks of Hangouts with industry masterminds and teaching the 7 finalists, the Academy has come to its end. We loved collaborating with Point Blank, Google+ and media partner DJ Mag, and we're very proud of the 7 alumni of the Academy! We're proud to announce that on December 6th, we'll release the winning tracks of the 7!

Watch out for the tunes of Ryan Signett, Pecarlo, Vlezz, Gabriel Levato ft. Edwan, Aaron Marz, Ramon and Adoriany! We'll reveal more info soon!

Missed some of the Hangouts? Head off to the Academy website and find out more on how to  watch them again!

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