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July 08, 2009
While the temperature is reaching its highest peak, it's just about to get a little more sweaty.

While the temperature is reaching its highest peak, it's just about to get a little more sweaty. Dutch producer duo Wardt van der Harst and Willem van Hanegem, wrapped up in the W&W guise, hit the summer of 2009 with two major releases to fire things up. 'Mainstage' and 'System Overload', out now on Captivating Sounds, show off a matured sound and prove they haven't put their ears or skills to rest after previous successes. On their way to the high end of the DJ and producing top, it's time for a little chat with these two hot items.
Armada: Has the summer been hot enough for you guys so far? What's been going on in the past few weeks?
W&W: "Well, for us, it can't be hot enough. ;-) But yeah, we're really enjoying it. We just came back from an amazing gig in Poland at Sunrise Festival, so we're still in a good mood due to that!"

Armada: Any time left for a bit of sunbathing and cocktail-mixing in the next couple of weeks, or will the both of you remain safely inside the four walls of the dark studio, mixing hi-hats and beats?
W&W: "Haha, well Willem is going on vacation later this summer, and Wardt is off to Australia and Indonesia for his Gatecrasher tour from the 12th of August till mid-September. But meanwhile we're still working on our new single, and there's also a vocal track coming up."

Armada: You're a bunch of party boys yourselves. Besides the obvious answer of 'gigs' you have under the W&W guise, what festivities are you looking forward to this summer?
W&W: "Well, our party-season is kinda over since Wardt's off down under and Willem goes on his holiday too. But we went to Dance Valley, which was absolutely massive! We really enjoyed the ASOT stage!"

Armada: Speaking of gigs, any good W&W ones coming up?
W&W:" Yeah, we're going to Slovakia in September and with our agency we got our own night at the famous Amsterdam Dance Event, where we will perform too!"
Armada: Though not an Armada record, 'Synergy' has been doing very well. Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, Markus Schulz, Ferry Corsten and Sander van Doorn have been hammering it for weeks. What made you guys decide to do a collab with Ummet Ozcan?
W&W: "Well, Ummet and us have the same taste in music and ideas on how a track should sound like. And since we're good friends too, we decided to jam something together!"
Armada: Got any plans for other cosy production sessions in the studio with anyone?
W&W: "Yeah, Wardt spent some time in the studio with Leon Bolier. We already finished one track, but soon Willem and Leon will produce another track to complete the package. There's also a collab coming up between us and Jonas Stenberg, no release date set yet. We'll keep you up to date!"

Armada: Actually, how does an average studio session between you guys work? Got any special ritual when running out of inspiration?
W&W: "Yeah we're meditating every time before we enter the studio, haha! But seriously: we're always with the two of us, so we always got loads of inspiration. Actually, we haven't got enough time to realize all our ideas!"

Armada: This week, we've got 'Mainstage' and 'System Overload' out on Captivating Sounds. Another follow-up to 'Mustang', 'Arena', 'Dome' and 'The Plan'. It seems you guys are more and more heading towards a techno oriented sound, especially in 'System Overload'. Are we right in saying that the W&W sound has been going through some changes, or has it always been this way?
W&W:"'System Overload' was a sort of experiment, but the core of our music is still present in it. A big room riff! In 'Mainstage' you can definitely hear the sounds that we're known for, that's why it's the A side..driving beats, rolling basslines and a catchy anthem!"

Armada: Final question. What's on the menu for the next couple of months for both of you?
W&W: "Well, we just finished a remix for one of the most popular UK acts of the moment, we can't reveal anything but we're both very excited about it! Keep your eyes open for it!"

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