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July 16, 2009
Within three years, the name Mark Sixma has spread like wildfire.

Within three years, the name Mark Sixma has spread like wildfire. 'Destination 6' was the trance anthem that secured his destination and awakened his drive to try even harder. Way past his sixth release and long after the arrival at the destination he was heading off to, he's now comfortably settled in dance land. Under the M6 moniker, he profiled himself with tracks such as 'Amazon Dawn', 'Fade 2 Black', 'Byte Me' and 'Origin'. Fearless of a little diversity or controversy, Mark passes by cheeky electro, deep progressive, stabby techno and peak-time trance. Experiments get his liking. With new results 'Paradise Lost' and 'Opus Sectrum' out on the Captivating Sounds label, Armada decided it was time for a quick check-up with Mark.
Armada: First of all: How is the summer season treating you so far?M6:"Very good indeed! It's actually sunny in Holland for a change, so picking up a bit of a tan!"
Armada: You've got 'Opus Sectrum' and 'Paradise Lost' out since last week. How have the reactions been so far? M6:"Overall the feedback has been fantastic. Ever since the 'A State of Trance 2009' compilation came out I've been receiving a lot of positive comments on 'Paradise Lost'. Despite the fact that I'm very happy with the track, it's not really a club stomper if you know what I mean'_ that's why I included 'Opus Sectrum' on the release. Reactions on it have been amazing, probably the best compliment being the 'Tune of the Week' title on Armin's radioshow. It's my third one so far and it feels just as good as the first one!"
Armada: Armin played 'Opus Sectrum' at Dance Valley last Saturday, in front of a 10.000 strong crowd. How do you experience a moment like that? Does it still manage to send shivers down your spine?M6:"It's a feeling that you will never grow tired of. I mean, is there a bigger reward than 10.000 people going crazy on your track? Well, perhaps 20.000 people going crazy on your music, haha! But there's a different aspect as well, whenever one of my tracks is played on a big sound system, I'm always listening if they come out as intended in the studio. So I can keep on improving on that area."
Armada: 'Opus Sectrum' has a real classical feel to it. Was there a particular musical piece that it's based on?M6:"It's not based on any musical piece in particular, though of course I can't deny being influenced by the classical music I listen to. I wanted to create a track that combines a classical melody with an oldschool-ish trance feel. I hope I succeeded!"
Armada: Though you've started off with quite some heavy tech-trancy stuff, it seems that your latest releases have all been very trancy and progressive. Are you getting a little 'soft' there, Mark? M6: "Haha, no need to worry! I've got some pumping, tech-heavy stuff piled up, waiting to get released. I try to keep things fresh, that's why I try to produce a broad range of tracks and styles, so there's always going to be uplifting trancers like 'Opus Sectrum' and tech-stuff like 'Fade 2 Black'. I try not to repeat myself too often, so I can't be accused of being a one-trick-pony!"
Armada: 'Paradise Lost' was featured on the ASOT 2009 album, could you tell us a bit about the track? M6:"'Paradise Lost' is the follow up to 'Amazon Dawn' which is also a laidback summer track.. Although it might work good as an opener it's not intended to be a big room track. Instead it's the kind of track that you'll listen to on a relaxing, sunny evening. Just close your eyes and dream away'_"
Armada: At the end of 2008 you told us you were aiming towards producing full time. Reached that goal yet?M6: "Yes! Since April this year I'm fully focusing on music and it feels great. Apart from producing EDM I also make music for corporations when they need music for a presentation or a video for instance. Those two combined provide me with enough so I can spend all of my time on my hobby instead of a 'real' job."
Armada: You've also been doing a few collabs with Willem van Hanegem, 'Origin' and 'Terminal 69'. What's it like to work with him? And will 'Terminal 69' be anything like 'Origin'? M6:"Willem and I have been very productive in the studio lately. We're never short on ideas, just short on time. About our next release 'Terminal 69' I can say with confidence that it's a true big room track, although it's not quite the same as 'Origin'. Keeping things fresh again!"
Armada: Any other collabs or new stuff we should know about?M6: "Apart from Willem I also produce music with Re:locate quite a bit. Our most recent release is a remix for the new Julian Vincent track, 'No End'. We're also working on a sequel to 'Piranha'. Apart from that I've started to create music with Brazilian talent Klauss Goulart, so plenty of new music coming up!"
M6 - Paradise Lost / Opus Sectrum
M6 & Willem van Hanegem - Origin
M6 - Into the Unkown / Byte Me
M6 - Fade 2 Black EP
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