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Interview: Paul Oakenfold - 'Trance Mission'

June 23, 2014

For the release of Paul Oakenfold’s latest album ‘Trance Mission’, we wanted to sit down with the iconic producer/DJ/remixer extraordinaire and ask him a few questions. So Paul, thanks for joining us!

My pleasure. Nice to talk to you.

Very few artists have had the longevity and staying power that you’ve had. Particularly with the release of this album, it seems we have to ask the question: How do you think the climate of dance (and trance) music has changed since these tunes first came out?

Well there are different sections to the scene now. At the one end you have the underground which is still thriving and which exists in a format not too dissimilar to how it did back in the day and then at the other end of the scale you have what everyone refers to as the big room house or EDM scene – which is a hugely successful and incredibly commercial adaptation of electronic music crossed over with pop. Trance has many different guises as well so it too has a commercial end and an underground side – so it’s hard to make a generalization on the genre trance since there are so many sub genres, sub scenes and also what you call trance might be very different to what I call trance.

What’s the secret to staying in the music business for the long haul?

Work hard. Be passionate. Love what you do and have a great team around you.

When we listened to this album, we were really excited to hear our favorite tunes again in today’s style. What was your inspiration for revisiting these classic songs in 2014?

I’ve always wanted to make a covers album – as opposed to a remixes album and last year when I sat down with Maykel and we talked about it – it just seemed like the time was right.

If you could look into the future… How do you see the scene continuing to evolve over the next decade and beyond?

Well the EDM thing will evolve and the kids that are growing up on a diet of EDM will also grow and their tastes will broaden. That’s just the way it goes in music generally – not just dance music. A lot of EDM DJs are now starting to play what is widely termed “new school trance” so boundaries are becoming blurred but to be honest I think now that everyone is the world is connected to everyone else – the scene as a whole will only continue to grow and thrive.

Do you have a favorite place in the world to perform these days?

I love playing in Buenos Aires and I also love Moscow. Because I have lived in the US for something like 15 years now it’s also always really special coming home to play to my home crowd in London.

Are there any big tour dates or projects you’re working on that you’d like to share with us?

Sure – I’m in the middle of the Jager sponsored Trance Mission Tour which is pretty extensive. I’m on the US leg at the moment but then I head to Europe in early July to play 20 shows over six weeks including a load of the big festivals, Tomorowland, EDC London, Creamfields, Dance Valley, Isle of Dreams etc. You can check out the full list at

So at the moment I’m completely focused on promoting the TM album and pushing the music on it. In terms of other projects – I’m excited to finally say that my new artist album – Pop Killer is finished. So I am just working on the plans for release.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us, best of luck with the album!


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