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Interview: Booka Shade about EVE

December 22, 2013
EVE has just been released, and for you to get to know it a bit more, we hooked up with Arno and Walter of Booka Shade!

Only a short while to go until the brand new Booka Shade album hits in for BeNeLux. We’re extremely proud to be able to release this gem, bursting with future classics and essentials in deep-house, techno and emotion. EVE has just been released, and for you to get to know it a bit more, we hooked up with Arno and Walter of Booka Shade and asked them all about the process of producing, the magic of the Eve Studios and the journey that is EVE. 

The birth of Eve
Booka Shade :”After our last album ‘More!’ in 2010 we started writing new songs, but after two years we realized that we weren´t happy with the results. We needed a drastic change in our working method, or else it might have been the end of the band. So we found EVE studios, and it changed the album completely. All of a sudden we found the inspiration and good energy we needed to finish an album we are very proud of.”

The title: EVE
Booka Shade:”The title of the album is inspired by the recording studio where we worked on many of the songs, a residential studio outside of Manchester (UK), called Eve Studios. After the first frustrating phase of the production, recording at Eve Studios felt extremely inspiring, refreshing. All of a sudden we knew what to do. It took another year to actually finish the album, but that was ok. As the time in the studio was so important for the album, it felt natural to name it after the place. It changed everything. The place was magic, full of the weirdest instruments, compressors, reverb plates , synths and mixing desks. we had an incredible time there and found together again, like a band should. After this experience everything came together but it took us another 15 month to finish the album in berlin. EVE saved us. The hardest part was to find a way to give our music a new twist without losing our identity. We are proud that we have a typical Booka Shade sound and we always have to see that we keep this identity without repeating ourselves. Not easy!”

The influence
Booka Shade:”Our music is influenced by so many different styles – of course techno and house, but also soundtrack & movie scores, reggae, classical music, rock….. anything we hear really. For a long time we liked to call our style science-fiction house. In the USA we’re labelled as ‘adult electronic music’.“

The live factor
Booka Shade:”We are known to be a live band, so the performance element is crucial in our music. Introducing more performance on the album came quite naturally, because that’s what we want to do on stage as well. (Arno) My drum kit moves away from pure electronic drums to more and more acoustic elements, and Walter plays keyboards in almost every song in the new show.”

The journey
Booka Shade:”Call us old fashioned, but we believe that an album is more than a compilation of random songs, or a selection of singles. An album should be a journey, that’s why we have interludes, sounds which take you from one song to the other (it’s basically an album in ‘one go’). After writing 50 or more songs, we spent the last 6 months of the album production finding the right tracklist and the right combination and sequence of songs. Each song has its justification and its story to tell.”

Photo by Eliot Lee Hazel

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