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Interview: Ashley Wallbridge on Garuda's return, 'Surrender' & more!

February 21, 2018
Ashley Wallbridge. Feb 2018 Interview. Garuda label + Surrender #1 success.

Q1 - There’s a lot of excitement around Garuda’s return. How does it feel to be a much bigger part of the label now?

Pretty amazing to be honest, Garuda was one of my original homes when I first started to release music. To be co-owner and part of the new team now is quality. The projects we have planned this year are crazy!

Q2 - The first new release, Surrender, is a collaboration from yourself and Darude. How did you two meet?

I was performing at ‘Omnia’ club in San Diego… Ville (Darude) had a gig just around the corner and finished his 30 minute before mine, so he came over to see me play. After the gig we got talking and decided we should do a collab sometime. A couple of months later he had a gig in the UK so I caught up with him again and that night we started working on the track!

Q3 - What was it like working in the studio together, can you tell us about the creative process?

So basically I started with some chord lines and riffs and sent a small piano piece over to my friend ‘KARRA’ (Who sung ‘Melody’, & ‘Undiscovered’). KARRA and her team wrote some top lines and sent it back. Once I had the chords/riffs, and vocals I sent it over to Darude and we worked on the project back and forth. I can remember hearing the vocal and track together for the first time and I had goosebumps all over. I knew we had something special. We got FOUX to sing the final vocal and boom, SURRENDER!

Q4 - Yourself and Gareth Emery have a busy year ahead, what excites you most about 2018?

We’ve got soooo much going on. Lots of music, lots of touring. I think i’m most excited about the music. Myself and Gaz have always worked really well together when doing collabs. I think we’ve got more than 10 new tracks done together now. We’ve also some another epic project lined up which will be revealed quite soon ;) - Of course the touring is exciting as well. We played our B2B debut on A State of Trance recently which was scary as f*ck because we’ve never actually DJ’d togther before!

Q5 - Any tips for younger producers who want to release with Garuda?

Hmmm, hard work for sure. Keep going even when things don’t seem to be working. For example, when I was working on the chords and melodies for ‘Surrender’, my first versions sounded completely different to the final outcome. I think I must have changed them a good 8 times before I was happy. I sent multiple demos over to Darude before it finally hit properly. There were so many times we nearly scrapped the project because it just didn’t sound catchy enough, but then literally one night I was experimenting with some changes and it finally hit. I thought “Wow, this is the one”. Have faith and keep it going :)

Ash x

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