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In & Out of Love video most viewed Dutch videoclip alltime!

December 02, 2008

With more than 6,3 million views, the official videoclip of Armin's team-up with Sharon den Adel on 'In & Out of Love' is the most viewed Dutch video alltime on!

The second hit single of Armin's 'Imagine' artist album is storming the charts and radiostations and is now at the twelfth spot on the 'Most Viewed video's Alltime' on the Dutch YouTube site. The rest of the list contains foreign productions or aren't official videoclips. Which means that 'In & Out of Love' is the most viewed official Dutch videoclip ever!

Armada single, French production and worldwide hit 'Laurent Wolf - No Stress' is 6th on the list, with an impressive amount of 8,5 million views and together with 'In & Out of Love' is the only dance related video clip in the top 15 of the list.

But the Armada Music YouTube channel is doing very well too. With the newest videoclips, interviews and exclusive backstage footage, the channel is listed 3rd in the 'Most Viewed Alltime Partners' in both the 'Music' and 'All genres' category. With more than 14.000 subscribers the channel is on the 4th spot of the 'Most Subscribed' list and is the number is still growing.

If you hadn't found out about the channel yet, be sure to check it now!

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