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'Ibiza Deep House 2016' [OUT NOW]

May 20, 2016

Having finally found your bearings at the white isle of Ibiza, there's little the world can throw at you to take away that feeling of ultimate indulgence. There's an ice-cold beverage perfectly balanced on the tip of your fingers, a spectacular ocean view many would give an eye for, and there's nothing that could make you enjoy the moment any more than you're already doing. Expect for one thing...

With 'Ibiza Deep House 2016', the feeling of complete and utter relaxation not only intensifies; the soothing rhythms and tireless Deep House vibes will continue to appease your mind even when you do not find yourself chilling at the white-sand beaches anymore. Whether at home, at a once-in-a-lifetime holiday destination, or anywhere else, this sweet compilation is sure to make you appreciate life altogether.

With any of the records comprising this selection, Deep House paradise is only one play-button press away. And as you bounce to the grooves of Lane 8, Felix Jaehn, Plastik Funk, CALVO, Shermanology, Sebastien, Low Steppa, Jan Blomqvist, Y.V.E. 48, and a whole lot more, you can only conclude that this forty-pack of tunes is all you'll need to find your bearings again next time you need them to be found.

Listen or download: Ibiza Deep House 2016

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